November 27, 2022

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Health passport enters French everyday life

Health passport enters French everyday life

(Paris) Bars, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, transportation: Despite being fully certified by the Constituent Assembly and protesting in the streets, the health passport entered French daily life on Monday.

Antonio Rodriguez
France Media Agency

The government wanted to reassure, when it came into force, stating that this would be the first week of tolerance and breakdown for the new tool. Already required in culture venues from July 21, it must be in the form of a QR code for lunch in a restaurant or for a drink on the terrace.

“Vaccine passage and progress can prevent us from further curfews and detentions,” said Health Minister Oliver Veeran. Parisian Sunday.

To be valid, a passport already in force in many European countries must present a full vaccination schedule or recovery from the disease by a positive test certificate of at least 11 days and less than 6 months. Or finally a negative test “less than 72 hours” dating.

This may also be required by preferential decision in stores longer than 20,000 m2, But is not requested to visit the general practitioner. On the other hand, it can be in hospitals, “but it should not be an obstacle to getting useful and emergency care under any circumstances,” Mr Warren emphasized.

Photo by Jean-Franకోois Monier, AFP

Already required at culture venues from July 21, the Health Passport will be in the form of a QR code that must be submitted for a meal at a restaurant or for a drink on the terrace.

On Twitter, Secretary of Digital Cedric O’Shea recalled Sunday that “those who submit passports face” heavy fines that are not theirs “and that passports that are not used properly will be blacklisted and rendered” useless “.

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A person who uses a relative’s passport will be fined 4E Class 750 euros (determined to be 135 euros if paid quickly), a total increase to 500 1,500 if a repeat offense is committed within 15 days.

Interior Minister Gerald Dermanin urged the prefects to mobilize police and gender memos to control companies subject to passport submission “in uniform and civilian clothing” by targeting urban and tourist areas. “And” meeting places “, according to a telegram contacted by the AFP.

Increasing number of patients

According to Interior Ministry figures, the introduction of this passport has been controversial on the street: for the fourth weekend in a row, nearly 237,000 people marched peacefully on Saturday.

Photo by Stephen de Sakutin, AFP

Nearly 237,000 people marched peacefully on Saturday against a health passport in France.

In a video posted on Sunday, Florian Phillipot welcomed the extension of the validity of the exams submitted as a “retreat from government”.

The former FN president of the Frexitless Patriots party, which has turned the fight against executive health strategy into its passion, has called for “accelerating” the equation. “Fear changes sides,” he said.

In the executive, Emmanuel Macron’s speech on July 12 was said to have given impetus to the campaign, believing that the goal of getting 50 million vaccines for the first time had been reached by the end of August. Since then, more than 6.8 million appointments have been made for the first time injection, those around him insisted.

According to Public Health France, 44,739,322 people received at least one injection (i.e. 66.4% of the total population) and 37,231,075 now have a full vaccination schedule (i.e. 55.2% of the total population).

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But the number of patients admitted to the hospital continued to rise, with nearly 8,700 patients listed on Sunday, a 25% increase in hospitalization in three weeks.

With 1,556 patients enrolled in critical care wards, the number of patients with acute COVID-19 has increased dramatically since July 21 (+ 81%). In the last 24 hours, 117 patients were admitted to intensive care.

The head of state shared twelve videos on social networks last week, which were viewed more than 60 million times to answer French questions and call for them to be vaccinated.

On Wednesday, he will preside over the Health Defense Council via videoconference, where it will be questionable whether to inject a third dose vaccine into the most vulnerable individuals at the beginning of the school year.