May 25, 2022

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The screening of 11 million residents in the Chinese city of Wuhan is over

The screening of 11 million residents in the Chinese city of Wuhan is over

Beijing | Wuhan officials announced Sunday that a large-scale COVID-19 screening operation on the 11 million inhabitants of the Chinese city has been completed, one and a half years after the coronavirus was formed, following a resurgence in a number of cases. Performance there.

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Tests conducted since Tuesday have provided “full coverage” of the total population of the metropolis “excluding children under the age of six and students who went on vacation,” senior municipal official Li Tao told the Xinhua news agency.

According to Xinhua, Wuhan recorded 37 COVID-19 cases aired locally on Saturday, while 41 asymptomatic carriers were found in the latest round of tests.

City officials announced last week that seven cases of contamination had been found among migrant workers from other provinces.

After the emergence of the coronavirus in Wuhan at the end of 2019 and the first outbreak leading to the most severe control of this city population in early 2020, China practically eradicated the epidemic a year ago, but it is facing a recurring illness.

Officials said they had mobilized 28,000 custodians and 2,800 sites for the screening campaign.

The new Delta variant has reached dozens of cities, spreading across Chinese territory following the pollution of employees responsible for cleaning planes at Nanjing Airport (east).

Authorities facing this revival of COVID-19 were ordered to control the population of entire communities and to take measures such as disruption to internal transport links and maintenance of large screenings.

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Beijing China has tightened sanctions on foreign travel.

Immigration officials on Wednesday warned that they would stop issuing ordinary passports and other documents to leave China for non-essential and non-urgent reasons.