March 21, 2023

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Gabrielle Carley and Évelyne cum greeted as heroines

Gabrielle Carley and Évelyne cum greeted as heroines

Many of them – and among them Gerard Deltell and L’Ancienne-Lorette Meyer, Gotton Page – came to congratulate their champions on their arrival at the Jean-Lజ్sz International Airport, at 10pm, on their historic victory over Sweden in the Women’s Soccer Olympics final.

Bvelyne Vince and Gabrielle Carley were greeted by a reception committee at the Quebec airport.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guilloom Peedboff

With the welcome they received, Lavis defender Gabrielle Carley was happy to be reconnected with his family, who played last season at a university in Florida and did not return home due to border closures.

It was beautiful to look at. I think the players who watch me play welcome us and I understand a little more what we did., She says.

Even four days after the victory was still in the cloud, Carley had not yet fully appreciated the challenge posed by the Canadian team as it reached its goal Change the color of the medal Obtained in Rio (Bronze).

This is very surreal, what we have achieved. It still takes some time to realize, I think, She agreed.

Gabrielle Carly and her mother hugged each other.

Back in Quebec for the first time in a year, Gabrielle Carley was delighted to find her mother, Mary-Claude.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guilloom Peedboff

However, there were no chances of celebrating in Tokyo within hours of the final match!

[On a eu] Lots of celebrations, a lot of love for Canada, other Olympic athletes, the village, the Japanese. This is really amazing!

Subsequently, Gabriel Carley can now add the title Olympic gold medalist To his name.

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It still sounds great! She agreed, a big smile on her face.

Her companion, Evelyn Vince, had not returned to her capital for seven months when she set foot in Quebec on Monday evening. Mistral players, what a surprise it was for his former team to greet him there. A long time ago, she still wore a training jersey and admired the Quebec women on the national team. Today, she inspires the little ones.

It gives me cold now. This is very welcome. I hope they keep working. I was in that sweater a few years ago …

A quote from:Lyvelyne Weins, Forward, Team Canada
Gabrielle Carly and Évelyne Weins posed with gold medals, young soccer players around the neck.

Young players from former Evelyn Vince team Mistral Laurentian arrived on Monday evening to welcome the two Olympic medalists.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guilloom Peedboff

Precious metal

The weight of her new fame, she measured by customs in Montreal on Monday, where for the first time, she has precious metal to announce!

A gold medal!

The L’Ancienne-Lorette striker, who is looking forward to seeing her friends again, congratulates her parents, Andre Vince and Chantal Moffett, who are struggling to control their emotions as they talk about their daughter.

She finally came and came back with us! We have not seen her since January 12th. We can’t wait to sit down with her and chat, Said his father.

We’re really proud of her and we’re really proud of Gabriel’s team for not having the opportunity to say hello. Hats off to the Canadian team!

A quote from:Chantal Moffett, mother of Evelyn Vince

Evelyn Vince’s parents hope their daughter’s acting will inspire other young people to dream.

Girls are still dreaming and boys should be too. Because when we hear in the reports that young people should be less involved in sports, it should continue … whether it is sport, music, young people have a passion and believe in it. They dream and trust them! They said.

Evelyn did her, Andre Vince left, admitting that last week was also emotional for his parents.

That’s impossible! This is a dream!

Andrian grabbed the bouquet while praising the dog.

Kayaker Andrian Langlois returning from Tokyo at Quebec City Airport on Monday evening

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guilloom Peedboff

Along with Gabriel Carley and Évelyne Vince ‌, Olympic athletes Andrian Longlois (kayaker), Lock-Beaufort and Andre-Anne Cote (artistic swim) joined Quebec on the same flight on Monday evening.

Andre-Anne Cote, an artistic swimmer from St. Georges, is returning from Tokyo on Monday evening at Quebec City Airport.

Andre-Anne Cote, an artistic swimmer from St-Georges, is returning from Tokyo on Monday evening at Quebec City Airport.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Guilloom Peedboff

Kairin Lauren, a bronze medalist at Genest, returned from Lewis, the night after, shortly after.

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