May 21, 2022

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Mayor contest in Saint-Eli-de-Caxton?

Mayor contest in Saint-Eli-de-Caxton?

An election race is taking place in the municipality of Saint-Eli-de-Caxton in Mauritius, where Municipal Councilor Gina Lemir wants to give her “spark to the village” by submitting her candidacy for town hall.

Gina Lemir has been city councilor since December 2020 and will unveil her election platform at a press conference on Tuesday. The person elected in the by-election wants to contribute to the development of the village. It specifically promises an air of change and a more humane approach.

The mayor of the municipality, Robert Gauthier, is in danger of seeking a second term after reflecting on his political future this summer. His four years as head of the municipality were controversial and marked with a wave of resignations, criticizing management and ending his collaboration with narrator Fred Pellerin‌.

The difficult context led to the intervention of Municipal Affairs and Quebec Housing Minister Andre LaForrest, who then met with elected officials in the summer of 2020 and confirmed that the Municipal Council was a victim of misunderstanding.

The last controversial issue in the municipality is the construction of a half-million-dollar campus adjacent to the nature and culture park project, which the councilor is vehemently opposed to.

Current Mayor Robert Gauthier confirmed to TVA Novels on Monday that he will share his intentions with citizens on September 7 at the council meeting.

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