May 20, 2022

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United States: A crucial day to adopt the “historic” infrastructure plan

United States: A crucial day to adopt the "historic" infrastructure plan

After Final vote by a simple majority in the Senate, The bilateral infrastructure bill will have to go through the legislative process in the coming weeks, including voting in the House of Representatives. In the event of a final adoption, it will be announced by the Democratic President.

The project is described as being negotiated with the White HouseHistorical By President Joe Biden. It will provide $ 550 billion in new federal spending on various sectors such as roads, bridges and transportation, while at the same time focusing on green economies. If we add the federal spending we already planned, the plan would reach $ 1.2 trillion in eight years.

As the vote result is pending, Democratic senators unveiled it in the Senate on Monday, where they have a small majority, proposing another $ 3.5 million pharyngeal budget plan to extend health insurance, fight climate change and more. Strengthen federal childcare and education programs.

A social spending plan almost equal to Germany’s GDP in 2020 will be adopted in the fall. It is considered to be the largest budget plan in the United States for decades.

Bernie Saunders, Independent Senator and Chairman of the Budget Committee, did not hesitate to announce that the bill was one. Most importantly in favor of the workers, the elderly, the sick and the poor President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and from New Deal Since the 1930s.

Negotiations that promise to be difficult

The resolution proposes to create a two-year free community college education, tax exemptions for children and some low-wage workers, and a family vacation program. A generalization of the situation of millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States is also on the table.

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Negotiations are already getting very difficult as the Republican Party has expressed strong opposition to the Democrats’ budget measures. He accused the tax cuts adopted during President Donald Trump’s administration of further deteriorating and questioning the deficit.

Democrats are expected to pass the final text with a simple majority in the Senate, without the help of Republicans, using the budget approach Reconciliation This will prevent the opposition from interfering.

If they implement it, Republicans and Democrats threaten to give up bilateral support for other major economic issues, such as raising or suspending the debt limit.

Although infrastructure planning and budget resolution are two different parts, they are legally linked. In addition, the two expected votes represent a major political milestone for the Biden Administration and the Senate. They take place after the previous one $ 1900 billion economic stimulus program Job oriented. This emergency device was set up to respond to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With information from Agency France-Press and Reuters