July 5, 2022

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COVID-19: Vaccine Passport Required in Quebec for Bars, Restaurants, Gyms and Large Conferences

COVID-19: Vaccine Passport Required in Quebec for Bars, Restaurants, Gyms and Large Conferences

The vaccine will be implemented from Passport 1Is Must be submitted to access September and festivals, as well as bars, restaurants and training halls in Quebec, but retail businesses are exempt.

“Conditions have been met to enforce the vaccine passport,” Health Minister Christian Dubey said on Tuesday. The daily number of new cases has recently risen and then expressed concern An increase in hospitalization over the past few hours, Combined with the start of the academic year and the progress of the Delta variant.

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Currently, one-third of new infections in Quebec are associated with this variant, but Public Health estimates that they will halve in the coming weeks, according to the Director of Public Health, D.C.R Yves Jalbert.

To submit proof of their vaccination, Cubasers can use the new application on their cell phone. The tool will be tested on Wednesday as part of a pilot project at La Cage – a brewery sporty restaurant in Quebec City and next week at Laval Gym. The minister said there would also be an opportunity to present vaccination certificates in paper version.

To prevent fraud, merchants need an identification card that matches the vaccine passport details. Consumers must continue to respect the sanitation practices that were once in place inside.

The government enforces these restrictions everywhere except in Quebec What was announced. D was justified by the progress of the epidemics as “not many areas”R Jalbert.

Not mandatory for staff

The minister said the imposition of the vaccination passport would not affect staff at restaurants, bars and training rooms. The difference is justified by the rules in the Labor Code and the labor shortage, he said.

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However, the government is considering making vaccinations mandatory for health workers. “We will look into it,” the minister said, assuring that a decision on the matter would be taken “in the next few days”. He said special measures would also apply to private agencies operating in the network. Currently, 90% of healthcare workers are vaccinated.

As for the education network, the minister could not provide more information. We will find out more on Wednesday during a press briefing by Education Minister Jean-Franకోois Roberz.

Wires to tie

The government will use the coming weeks to fix the technical details of the vaccine passport, a project the ministry has been working on for months.

The “first version” of the vaccine proof does not provide an exemption for individuals who have been excluded from the vaccine campaign for medical reasons. Subsequent update of the application will take these exceptions into account. “We do not want people to come to the restaurant with a doctor’s note,” the minister explained.

Foreigners entering Quebec “can register on our portal and request proof of vaccination,” Christian Dubey suggested, confirming that discussions on the issue should continue with his colleagues in other provinces.

He proposed to the federal government that the Quebec QR code be linked to the Canadian proof of vaccine for international travelers, the Arrivecon application. The Quebec Minister has indicated that Ottawa will soon announce international vaccination passport details.

Not fast enough and transparent enough for the opposition

The Quebec Future Alliance Vaccine passport must be enforced “now”, believe Quebec Liberal Party. “The number of cases is increasing and the Delta variant is waiting for us on the detour. The vaccine passport allows us to avoid massive re-contamination. Why wait? Why exclude retail businesses? Once again, the CAQ has been delayed,” Liberal Health spokeswoman Mary Montpett said on Twitter.

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The vaccine passport remains a “good tool” in the eyes of the vaccine representative Quebec Party In health, Joel Arsenalt. Its political structure calls on the government to clarify “blind spots”, especially “medical data circulation”. The government should conduct “public consultations”, according to him, “not only for transparency, but also to get support from cubes”.

Co-spokesperson for Solidarity Quebec, Gabriel Nade-Dubois agrees and demands that Minister Dubey show “transparency and clarity”. He said “after months of refusing to hold a transparent parliamentary committee on the vaccine passport, the government is adopting a confusing communication strategy, which has left many in doubt as to the modalities of the operation, but this is not normal”.

1.1 million people should be vaccinated in 20 days

Meanwhile, the vaccine is progressing, but Quebec has not yet reached its goals. To achieve this, the government wants to give 400,000 second doses to reach the target of 75% cubicers fully vaccinated for all ages and 84% received the first dose.

That’s why 1.1 million people are not vaccinated as of Aug. 31, Dubey said. “If we are successful, we will be one of the most vaccinated places in the world.”

For the first time since the outbreak, the government had to interrupt its press briefing on COVID-19 because of a man who opposed health measures in the room. When questioned after the incident, Minister Dubey said in English that it was “normal” for people to be concerned and that the government should answer all their questions.

He said weekly press briefings on the epidemic would also resume from next week.

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