September 25, 2022

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Mariana Mazza is still filming

Mariana Mazza is still filming

Comedian Mariana Mazza’s career goes into second gear: just days before release Maria, The film in which she played the lead role for the first time, she has just begun filming a film adaptation of the play Disappearing lines.

On the big screen, she becomes the short story of the three girls in the middle of the story, as Lyon Labreck-Dor and Catherine Chabot, playwright and co-writer (with Emile Goudrolt) and co-director (with Miriam Bouchard) take on supporting roles on the boards.

“Mariana is a woman, as funny as possible, but she’s a person who acts more reserved, contrary to her personality,” Catherine Chabot suggests.

According to Miriam Bouchard (My circus to me, are you listening to me?), Has a desire to change the comedian image. “We want to erase tattoos, change hair. We want to create a character without Mariana Marrow.

She becomes a sad clown. People who have the gift of making people laugh are very touched when they find themselves in vulnerable places, ”she said.

Nice line

Producers Emile Goudriolt and Denise Robert proposed to exchange Disappearing lines At the cinema after seeing the play.

The film was supposed to be directed by Goudriolt with Catherine Chabot, but her busy schedule forced her to relinquish her position.

Disappearing lines Comedy and drama need its dosage. We need to find the fine line and Miriam did it well Can you hear me That’s why we went there, “said Catherine Chabot.


In Disappearing lines, Three in their thirties, actually from Beauce, are great friends in high school, attending a reunion. Discussions on various issues affecting their generation provoke heated debates.

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“In the theater,” explains Catherine Chabot, Disappearing lines Is a closed door that takes place in a character’s condo. Finally, we smashed the camera. So this is another proposition, but one that keeps the DNA of the play with its social critique. He is a generation Y Polaroid. “

This is an opportunity to rebalance the movies’ offer on friendship in the film, which focuses mostly on male characters.

“I can not hide from you that we did not see each other much in the movie, Miriam Bouchard believes. I have my favorite guy movies in Quebec, including Robin Albert. Female models are needed to make dreams come true. “

Also in the cast are Victoria Diamond, Maxim de Cotret and Mickel Goin Disappearing lines. Filming will begin on August 2 and continue until mid-September in the Montreal area for a July 2022 release.