December 3, 2022

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Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns | Kathy Hochul is ready to take on the screen behind the scenes

Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns |  Kathy Hochul is ready to take on the screen behind the scenes

(New York) The statement was about the relationship between Kathy Hochul and her fianc Andrew Cuomo.

Richard Hate

Richard Hate
Special contribution

New York State Attorney General Letitia James has released a damning report on allegations of sexual harassment against the Democratic governor.

The lieutenant governor of New York may try to save her number two politician, who has been convicted of making unwanted touching and inappropriate remarks from current and former state employees.

Instead, she twisted the iron in the wound.

“I believe in these brave women,” she said, describing Andrew Cuomo’s behavior as “disgusting and illegal” as described in the 165-page report.

If all goes according to plan, Kathy Hochul, born in Buffalo 62 years ago, will become the first woman to serve as governor of New York State. She will replace someone who has not cared much for her since taking office in January 2015.

But today she can rejoice in this long-distance relationship that has reduced her to the ritual aspect of her function. She was not disturbed by any scandals in the power of Andrew Cuomo. She did not remember what happened the day after the governor announced her resignation.

“As for the special environment, about the reputation of the current administration, I think it’s very clear – it’s no secret – we’re not in touch and I have nothing to do with it,” she told a news conference.

“Political Accounting”

Still: Kathy Hochul, daughter of a steel worker, is about to write a history page in 2014 if Andrew Cuomo had not breathed new life into his political career.

Antoine Yoshinaka, a political scientist at New York State University in Buffalo, said, “Political calculation, this is purely an election.”

Photo by Mike Groll, Archives Associated Press

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul in February 2015

Elected Lieutenant Governor in 2010, former Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy has announced his resignation at the end of his term. Andrew Cuomo is looking for a replacement from the same area to ensure a regional balance for the Democratic ticket.

Kathy Hochul met her needs.

“She is well acquainted with the Buffalo and Rochester area,” said Professor Yoshinaka.

After serving as an aide to New York State Representative John Laufalls in Washington and the eminent New York State Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Kathy Hochul Buffalo served on the nearby Hamburg City Council for 14 years and served as Erie County Secretary General.

It was in this role that she first attracted attention outside the area through lawyer training. In 2007, she threatened to arrest illegal immigrants seeking a driver’s license in the county, which was approved by then-Governor Elliott Spitzer under a new policy.

Four years later, she turned her head again, winning a by-election to the House of Representatives held by Republicans for decades. She will lose him in the coming elections.

In 2014, Andrew Cuomo was offered the chance to re-enter politics as a New York lieutenant governor candidate.

Different style

In the opinion of many observers, the two politicians are geographically very far apart in personality.

“Kathy Hochul stands out the most in style from Andrew Cuomo,” Antoine Yoshinaka confirmed.

As we all know, Cuomo is a very aggressive, straightforward and confrontational politician. M.To me Hochul plays the game well behind the scenes. She justifies consensus, she usually gets along well with her peers. It is very different in terms of style.

Antoine Yoshinaka, political scientist at New York State University in Buffalo

It should be very low in terms of policies. Not being part of Andrew Cuomo’s inner circle, Kathy Hochul visited a total of 62 counties to promote her government policies and achievements as lieutenant governor. Along the way, it traded for more progressive positions, especially some of its centrist or conservative positions on immigration.

“A lot of people have supported the policies of the Cuomo administration,” she told a news conference on Wednesday. “There is a strong legacy to achieve.”

She has no doubt about her determination to run for governor in 2022.

“This is not the time to talk about politics, but I am ready to run in the coming elections and start the process as soon as everything in the state is under control,” she said.

If he keeps his word, Andrew Cuomo will deliver his post to Kathy Hochul in 12 days.

“My lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul is intelligent and capable,” the governor said Tuesday after announcing her resignation. “This transition should go smoothly. We have a lot to do. I’m very worried about the Delta variant, and you should, too, but it will level up quickly.”