July 5, 2022

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Mary Gregoir stated that her appointment as head of BAnQ was not biased

Mary Gregoir stated that her appointment as head of BAnQ was not biased

Although her opponents blamed her for her inexperience in librarianship, Mrs. Gregore considered it Skills and knowledge Her career as a politician was able to earn her in later years, the reasons for her choice.

All we know about me is the Member of Parliament and commentator. But I have worked in many big companies, I am on the management committees, I am on the board of directors. I have worked for companies like IBM, Bell, Desjardines. But I collaborated as an entrepreneur to start a public relations firm called TACT Intelligence, and I re-launched a magazine, She says.

The Radio-Canada report, which aired Tuesday, returned for the first time to controversy following her appointment, said Mary Gregoir. At the microphone All morning Understand why the library community protested against his appointment, never seeing a librarian as head of BAnQ.

However, she emphasized that her role as CEO required more than library science knowledge.

Each of BAnQ’s pillars, archives, National Library and Grande Bibliothecs are maintained by highly skilled individuals. […] But my character is different. My job is to work the whole team together, set common goals and mobilize the 700 or more employees we have., She says.

There is a desire for someone to come from the library community. But I checked several boxes: Knowledge about the device [étatique], Knowledge of government agencies, management efficiency.

A quote from:Mary Gregoir, new CEO of BAnQ

I think this is one of the skills that will be useful in the next few years, She continues.

Although she agreed that it was her appointment Politics, As approved by the Council of Ministers, she refused to believe that she was affected by the bias.

I understand that I am a member of the Action Democratic du Quebec [ADQ] And the ADQ Alliance merged with D’Venner Quebec [CAQ]. […] But 15 years later, apart from being part of a political party, I thought I was somewhere else.

A quote from:Mary Gregor

She says Feel The recruitment process she did was very well done and thinks so, With the same background and the same focus, She will be chosen even if she comes from another political structure.

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However, Mary Gregor did not give an extensive answer when it came to the question of her education. A master’s degree is usually required to get her place, but she only has a bachelor’s degree.

I was when I applied [sic], Which is not a criterion. And sometimes they ask for a similar experience, She answers now.

Ms. Gregore pointed out that she had been working in her new position for a few weeks and that she was being welcomed, despite the controversy raised by her appointment. Very warm.

Contributing to Quebec’s major challenges through knowledge really excited me. There are big challenges, She concluded.