May 23, 2022

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The vaccine passport is “completely secure”, Legalt supports

The vaccine passport is "completely secure", Legalt supports

Franకోois Legalt is once again under the protection of the vaccine passport. Faced with fears of fraud and concerns from opposition parties, the prime minister reiterated on Thursday that the move was “completely safe”.

The elected representative specifically responded to the contents of the journal Fraudsters have already taken to the web to sell fake passports. “The passport and QR code are completely secure. There is nothing to worry about on that side,” he said.

It has been two days since Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey. Passport has formally launched, which comes in early September. It comes in the form of electronic code, which employees of a company can scan using the application.

Restaurants, bars, gyms and festivals require the use of a passport. No date has been set for stopping the measurement.


However, there was dissatisfaction with some opposition parties in the National Assembly. Who demanded in the last hours that the debate take place To Parliament on the security and validity of such a passport.

Press Scrum On Wednesday, the Prime Minister argued that exchanges in a parliamentary committee could “give a platform to opponents who can influence the population by using unrealistic arguments”.

“Franకోois Legalt says anything,” Gabriel Nade-Dubois, co-spokeswoman for Quebec Solidarity (QS), replied Thursday.

“He has been a member for decades and he knows very well that he is the last word to testify in the National Assembly. We want to hear from scientists and experts. Is that scaring him?” He said in a press release issued this afternoon.

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Like the QS, the Liberal Party, the party Quebecois and Quebec’s Conservative parties called for a withdrawal from the prime minister on Thursday. The passport must be related to the democratic debate, they insisted.

“There is no offense against Mr. Legalt. I know he is accustomed to handling by decree – we have reached almost 60 decrees – but here in Quebec, we are in a democracy, yes, we have to discuss. – Marwah Rizqy, Liberal MP for Saint-Laurent, given to TVA Nouvelles In the interview

For almost all

Three of the four parties in parliament approved the imposition of such a measure. The Prime Minister recalled this Thursday, in a statement in Sagune.

“The three officially recognized opposition parties in the National Assembly are in favor,” he commented, throwing a thinly veiled arrow at the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), which has been petitioning the opposition since the spring to passport.

The head of PCQ, Eric Duheim, wants to change your mind that “black and white, a show, it has a positive impact”. In a media scrum in Quebec on Thursday, he still admitted that he would probably use a health passport.

“I think I have no choice because I have met activists. I do not know how we are going to see our world in different public spaces. [sinon]”, He said.

Parliamentary sessions in the National Assembly will not be open until mid-September.