May 29, 2022

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Titan XL Gaming Chair Test: Absolute Convenience!

Titan XL Gaming Chair Test: Absolute Convenience!

We tested the sample Titan XL From the range Signed Of Secret Lab And we are so comfortable!

Secret Lab Singapore-based company specializing in high-end gaming chairs. You will find samples of 3 seats in their signature range: Omega, Titan And Titan XL. You can finally choose the finish type for each chair, leather, imitation leather or fabric Soft wave As well as colors.

We spent long sessions on this chair and the result is believable!

Over the years I have spent a lot of time for the literate seat from the SecretLab (not to be named Noble Chairs) from the competitor brand and we chose the soft wave fabric to handle this test. Additionally, measuring 1m90 for 110 kg, I spent these last test sessions on version Titan XL Like me, the canteen is dedicated to those with a heavy arm. But note that seats are available for every size.

First consideration on delivery: The box is impressive, bulky and bulky. I was able to take everything and travel alone but it was nice to have two people for the assembly.

Second consideration, we are really facing a premium chair. Everything gives that impression with the SecretLabs seat. Everything is neatly packed and you are provided with a kind of mini tool kit to assemble everything even if you do not have any tools at hand. Inside are two cards waiting for you. The first tells you very simply and clearly the procedure to be followed to assemble your chair. The second, called SecretLob Access, also explains how to look after a chair through a post on social networks and how to extend the warranty for your seat from 3 to 5 years.

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Once the seat is assembled, the finish is very easy, the strongest element of the materials used, finishing, stitching and stitching are perfect. Here again we enjoy all the premium aspect of the chair.

Tools are provided and assembly video is also available via a simple QR code

Like most high-end “gaming chairs”, the Titan XL adopts the same format as the bucket seats in cars. The backrest allows contact with the entire back from the bottom back to the shoulders and the shape memory neck cushion provides excellent comfort. Sitting on a chair for the first time feels a little stiff but the foam used for seat construction is very comfortable in the long run. You will not feel pain, discomfort or discomfort even after working for several days.

Everything can be adjusted in height by the small pallet on the right, with the backrest tilted up to 165 to relax. And you can also rock with the left paddle this time through the off-center mechanism.

The cold foam used is really comfortable.

In some chat with the editorial staff, since the bodies are all different, we agreed that the right chair for everyone should probably be a custom made one. And this is a real positive for the seat I can test: although it is not made to measure, it offers multiple options of customization, especially thanks to the adjustment of the waist support by the dial on the right side and it has become very accurate.

All adjustments were made on the right side

The armrests are 4D (4 directions) in height, width, and diagonal so you can adjust them to your liking and not have to worry too much about elbow level after hours of play or office automation. It is very convenient.

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Here is a technical sheet for accurate instructions in centimeters on possible settings

Secret‌Lab Titan XL is absolutely comfortable and an excellent choice for large builds. In addition, the materials and finishes – which also apply to other models – have completely convinced us. After these test sessions, I personally replaced my old imitation leather chair for this Titan XL in softwave fabric. If the comfort between the two models is ultimately the same, the Titan XL model will fit my size better and the fabric will breathe more and cause less temperature related problems than the Fox Leather model.