May 25, 2022

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To Bianca Andres: Jaber and she were beaten by the body

To Bianca Andres: Jaber and she were beaten by the body

Canadian Bianca Andres was beaten by Tunisian Ann Jaber on Thursday night, but her body also left her in the middle of the match.

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The second favorite third round of the tournament showed the exit door in 6-7 (5), 6-4 and 6-2, this meeting we all got a little treated for: showers, big toe injury and the fact that Tunisian supporters are more vocal than supporters for Andres.

As has often happened since the beginning of her career, the physical defects of the National Bank Open champion dictated the pace of the game.

After calling Healer in the first set for a big toe, she was already committed, further exacerbating her injury to Andreas as Jaber took a 4-3 lead in the second set.

World Eighth lay on the floor for a while, apparently in pain. So much so that its rival, 13E Favorite in Montreal, she crossed the field to make sure she wasn’t too seriously injured.

Andreas painfully went to his chair, where Healer came to bring him two pills and treat his leg for several minutes.

Long rain

The break was added to the nearly hour that occurred shortly before the second round due to heavy rain that had soaked Central.

Upon returning to the serve line, the 21-year-old still looked a little sad but had two winning serves to equalize the score, 4-4.

However, Jaber did not slow down the pace of the game she imposed from the start of the match, even though she was a good player a few minutes before when asked about the opponent’s health. Instead, the 22nd man in the world decided to run to Andreas to see if his body – especially the toe – was catching on.

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The answer is no. At 5-4, the Canadian appeared to be suffering on the serve, committing two double faults and giving Jabour an innings at once.

The third set saw Jaber’s business make good progress this year, reaching the quarterfinals at Wimbledon.

Singing and entertaining Tunisian tables throughout the match, she was assisted by a number of supporters as she sat in her stands, with the 26-year-old imposing her varied game ahead of Andres.

Beautiful tennis

It was a shame, because the meeting seemed to be full of promise. The two players battled it out in the first round, and this hot Montreal evening provided great tennis for the 4000 or more spectators who bravely chose the humidity.

Andreas took a 2-0 lead in the opening set and broke the first. But she gave up her serve for the next game.

The Mississauga player, who faced Jaber’s intelligence to diversify the game due to his excellent cushion, shouted her winning shots loudly “Come on!” It seemed to excite her. So she gave the mini-breaker entry to the tie-breaker and never looked back.

But this went on until her physical defects caught up with her once again. Twice this season, in Miami and Strasbourg, Andreas had to retire midway through the match. The first time due to an ankle injury, the second time due to abdominal muscle injury.

So tennis fans breathed a sigh of relief on Thursday, fearing that the adage “never two without three” applies. Maria, including her mother, seemed to be in as much pain as her daughter was on the stand. But Andreas remained in the game until the end and heartily congratulated the winner of the day on the net.

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Surprising Rebecca Marino, the last Canadian to compete for the National Bank Cup after the elimination 220 days agoE The world.

As for Jaber, she will face the Daniel Collins, 28 All-American duel winner in the quarterfinals on Friday.E World, and Jessica Pegula, 30E, Played late Thursday evening.

She wanted to end the match by all means

At the end of the match Bianca congratulated Andres on his opponent Ones Jaber.

Photo AFP

At the end of the match Bianca congratulated Andres on his opponent Ones Jaber.

In her sacred season‌ this year and 2019, Bianca has her retirement in the middle of a match for the Andres. For the past few days the Canadian wanted to end the game at all costs, even though the injury on her toe caused her pain.

“I’m really tired of these sacrifices. I could, but I do not understand tonight. [jeudi]. This is a big injury. It was painful on many of my strikes, but I didn’t want to show it. [Ons Jabeur] Apparently benefited from it. I was left with nothing in her third run. I hope my toe is restored for my next tournament. “

– To Bianca Andres

In addition to the trainer’s two performances on the field, the showers were interrupted on two occasions by Thursday’s meeting. The Canadian explained that she tried to stay active during the almost hour-long break that was not scheduled.

“I think it helped me, but then this whole thing happened with my toe. There will always be something [qui arrive avec mon corps] And I did not understand. “

– To Bianca Andres

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Andrews’ opponent on Thursday, Ann Jaber, is having a good time this season. She reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon and the 16th round at Roland Garros. At Central, she seemed to enjoy more audience support than her home favorite.

“Maybe it’s bothering me a little bit. My supporters are there, but Ann’s supporters are … not there anymore. I hope the biased spectators help me win the tournament now.”

– To Bianca Andres