September 25, 2023

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Vaccines are required to travel to CAE

Vaccines are required to travel to CAE

At the CAE, an air training specialist said on Wednesday that traveling employees “need to be vaccinated.” Journal Mark Parent, CEO of the Montreal Company.

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“They can’t travel effectively if they are not vaccinated,” the leader said.

On the other hand, the CAE is not forcing all of its nearly 4,000 Quebec employees to be vaccinated.

“In Quebec and Canada, we can not force our employees, at least not as the law does, but we strongly encourage all our people to be vaccinated,” Mr Parent said.

Like many companies in the United States, the company does not rule out vaccinating employees in other countries.

“We were able to [le faire] In theory, but we’re not there right now. We will see the situation. “

The CAE is currently conducting a survey to find out how many of its workers have been vaccinated.

“Narrative results tell me that a high percentage of our employees are,” Mark Parent said. The specialized clinic, which operates on the company premises, is said to have operated at a dose of less than 33,000 for employees and other citizens.

“Personally, I’m in favor of the vaccine passport, ‘insisted CAE’s Bigg Boss. Already, in June, I asked governments to set an example and introduce the vaccine passport, which would allow not only the aviation sector, but all our companies to fully resume their operations.”

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Payment respirators

It should also be noted that the CAE raised millions of dollars by selling 10,000 respirators to the federal government, but in the end they were not used much.

The deal with Ottawa allowed CAE to generate $ 230.6 million in revenue, a major contributor to the company’s health department’s operating profit of $ 32.8 million last year.

“We’d love to sell it elsewhere, but thank God there’s no demand,” Mr. Parent said.

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