May 28, 2022

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Back to school | 12 college schools have not yet been adequately vaccinated

Back to school |  12 college schools have not yet been adequately vaccinated

According to government data, although the majority of colleges in Quebec have achieved the goal of providing 75% or more immunity to their students, 12 colleges are still exempt from the rule Tap Friday.

Coralie Laplante

Coralie Laplante

As of August 5, 16 schools in the college network had not met the vaccine target issued by Public Health. As a result, 75% or more of the students in the four additional schools became immunocompromised, or had an appointment to receive their second dose.

Ahuntic College and Andre-Laurendu, Mary-Victorin de Rosemont and September-Îles CEGEP have not yet achieved adequate vaccine coverage.

Similarly there are six private colleges, namely Tecart Institute, TAV College, Registration Institute of Canada, College of Real Estate Education Inc., College of Real Estate du Quebec, as well as College El Avenir de Rosemont Inc. .

ITA Law Pocatier School added 75% or more to schools that did not post vaccine coverage.

All universities in the province consider vaccine coverage satisfactory.

Higher Education Minister Daniel McConnell said on August 6 that Quebec CEGEPs and universities would allow students who received two doses of the vaccine or one dose of extracurricular activities if they were already infected with the virus.

Mask or face cover is mandatory at all times in graduate schools, except when students are sitting in the classroom, library or at lunchtime.

McGill University, however, has declared that surgical masks are mandatory in all buildings on its campus.

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