February 23, 2024

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Conservative election signs focus on ‘tradition and the future’

Conservative election signs focus on ‘tradition and the future’

Conservative candidates in Quebec display election signs with flor-de-lis, reminiscent of history and tradition according to the Blues.

In the Conservative ranks, one organizer explained to me: “Quebec Province is well represented by the unification of Flair-de-Lies representing history, tradition and heritage. It is the backdrop for the Conservative leader’s campaign in Quebec. Provokes clarity and confidence. “

The campaign slogan (Agir por le Quebec), candidate photo, candidate name and constituency name occupy a very important place on the mark. Applicants will also have the opportunity to print posters with a photo of their leader.

Saturday in Lewis

The suspense surrounding Dominic Vian’s candidacy comes to an end on Saturday, when Canada became the leader of the Conservative Party. Erin O Tool, former regional minister to announce candidacy In Bellechosse’s Electoral Division – Les Etchimins – Lewis.

Lévis, also adored for M’s town hallTo me Vienna Quebec delivers fresh air to the conservative team. With the candidacy of elected officials and the candidatures of Vincent Duhamel (Brom-Missique), Yves LaVesque (Trois-Rivieres) and now Dominic Vienna, the Conservative leader boasts of having a very talented team in Quebec.

Appointment of a star candidate like MTo me It doesn’t come by shouting “chisel”. Erin O’Toole’s political lieutenant and member of Chikoutimi for Quebec – Le Fjord, Richard Martel, did a great job in appointing the man who would later try to win Steven Blaney.

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The beginning of animosity

It’s That Prime Minister Trudeau on Sunday She is going to visit the Governor General to ask her to dissolve Parliament.

Justin Trudeau knew he was playing big – he should win the majority.

Returning to a position equivalent to the distribution of seats we now know is undoubtedly the end of the Liberal leader.

A campaign always gives us surprises, which is no exception to the rule.

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