May 20, 2022

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Denise is the new victim of Drolet

Denise is the new victim of Drolet

Denise Drolet was invited to do On my way, Roxanne had to sing the absurd and silly lyrics composed by the Bruno duo. One of the good numbers of the second gala comedyha presented on Friday evening at Thetre Capital.

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When Drolet Barbu, Sebastian Dubey, started cheating on her when she came on board, the singer said, “I know it could be anything.”

She started In My Way with her guitarist Matthew Brissette and Vincent Leonard came on stage to ask him to sing “his” words. Tell her she is more or less interested.

“Sing my words,” he cried, as the nonsense written by Denise Drolets paraded in front of her screen. And all of a sudden, the bearded Denise is back with portable drums and colorful dancer swinging his hips to Just Love By My Love.

“Fools out. A girl is tired,” she said, before they could clear the floor and she ended her success with the right words and under the confetti shower.

Good second number

Denise Drolets started the gala with their absurd humor and talking about the pandemic.

“The Tadros twins, they do not exist. It’s a collective illusion,” said Vincent “teeth” Leonard, in their initial number.

“We have to put on masks,” he said.

“It hides your big nasty teeth,” the man with the beard added.

Denise Drolets were so ridiculous, absurd and scornful, as we like, their second number after the evening.

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After a good excursion by Sylvie Tourigni with pearls appearing on the “spotted” pages on Facebook, Marco Mativier arrived, really starting the evening. His number on the princes of Disney princess stories is reminiscent.

He paid for Cinderella’s “charming” head, and could not find his princess after dancing with her all evening.

“If a dragon attacks my girlfriend I can’t save her. A dragon is 20 feet long, it flies and it spews fire. Three seconds and I’m dead,” he said.

Two policemen

Mentioning that the princess sang it all the time in the movies, he ended his number by imagining the way things would be done in real life. For Marco Mativier it appeared for the first time in Gala and it was very successful.

Jean-Michel Martel hit the mark, with a fun course to become a detective illustrated by funny graphics.

Michael Charrett and Guilder Roy, the star guests of the gala, crossed the hip-hop and the country, both during a musical number where the complexity between the two police officers of District 31 was seen. This is good news for the gala they are going to host tonight.

Evening T-Gus and T-Moussey (Romy-Pierre Paquin and Anne-Elizabeth Boss é), La Poun (Jean-Thomas Jobin), Captain Bonhome (Julian Bernatchez), Claude Blanchard (Elliott Leonard) and the real Francois, As Sebastian Dubey said, he became a legend. They captured Si in the Chantite ensemble by Jean Lapoint and it ended with a slow-beginning comedy evening and finding its tune.

Tonight, Michelle Chart and Guilder Roy will be in charge of the third comedy Gala! Fest-Quebec at Thetre Capital.

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On Saturday evening, Michelle Chart and Gilder Roy will be in charge of the third comedy Gala! Fest-Quebec at Thetre Capital.