May 19, 2022

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Oss 117: A movie that does so much good!

Oss 117: A movie that does so much good!

Last Friday I took my 13 year old son to the cinema to watch the main character who is racist, reactionary and abusive. And we laughed for two hours. Am I a bad mother, an unworthy woman?

No! Because this movie, OSS 117, With Jean Dujardin, not “laughing” at racist, reactionary and vicious people, and not at racist, reactionary and anti-feminist people.

Even my 13 year old son can tell the difference.

Tell me who you are laughing with

The motto of the movie OSS 117 It is very clear: “The world has changed, not him. He’s actually distributing images of Secret Agent Hubert Boniser de la Bath, more stuff than ever, women who still do not occupy important positions, and delightful Africans who dance very well.

The scene where all the women who come to the OSS 117 office and work with him systematically press their buttocks (like Andrew Cuomo on steroids) is an album!

I admit that laughing while making an old macho joke on #MeToo has done me great good in this era of suppressing political truth. Yes, yes, they dared to joke on #MeToo!

Recently, a Quebec comedian who was pregnant with twins wrote on social media along with a picture of her belly: “I can’t wait to talk about consent with the two guys in my womb.” How serious time it was when guys talked about toxic masculinity before they came into the world …

OSS 117 is Mr. Toxic, Mr. Consent … yet, he made us laugh!

Agent OSS 117 is an old Redneck who makes monastic jokes and shows paternity to Africans. He is a colonist and a colonialist.

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If I think they have a sense of humor, I would advise all racists, anti-sexism and progressive activists to watch this movie with a bit of a smile.

But the problem with activists (usually) is that they sniffed at Capital C for their cause. However, to understand a joke, to understand humor, you need to take a step back and look at their jokes.

Fu! False warning!

When I saw the movie OSS 117 It does not have the same title as the one released in France to be released in Quebec, I thought it was due to the prevailing political correctness.

The film is titled Red Alert in Black Africa In France‌ and just Good kisses from Africa In Quebec. I immediately thought not to use the word “black” in Quebec.

I spoke to AZ film distributor Antoine Jind, who explained to me that he had chosen the film’s international title for Quebec very simply: With love from Africa, And he seemed to have eye-popping fun at James Bond.

The politically correct question never crossed his mind, he told me, in addition, according to him, in Quebec, ‘People have enough humor not to denigrate this title.

I hope he is right.