March 21, 2023

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Saint-Laurent-de-Neste. BeGenius ESC host of ADMS Gaming Room

Saint-Laurent-de-Neste.  BeGenius ESC host of ADMS Gaming Room

To launch the first international competition in the gaming room in Saint Laurent de Nest, the Maison du Savior Association is pleased to welcome you into the gaming room in the Association Club Sport n ° 1 in Saint Laurent de Nest. In order to train the team in the best possible conditions to prepare for the competition for 2021 of profit during the “Zrt Trackmania Cup 2021” which was held exceptionally online this year in terms of health condition. It was operated by GeratoR (Streamer Montpellirine). It also aims to create a real team awareness beyond the game and take advantage of the space provided by AMDS to compete in the best conditions. As a result of this intensive preparation and this weekend’s competition 4 genius players qualified for the quarterfinals‌ but the adventure for them ended there. However, in 2022 BeGenuis and AMDS will merge. “BeGenius ESC” has been in the world of video games for many years. From 2012 to 2015, the WebSpelling Gaming Association, formerly named, occupied an important place in French and European sports, respectively. In addition, with its regular publications and quality in both presentation and content, Business has established a real fan base on social networks! Through its diverse programs, competitive streams and regular activity, Twitch partner Web TV Benius now has more than 1 million views.

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