May 27, 2022

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Comedy! Fest: District 31 Gala

Comedy!  Fest: District 31 Gala

With Michelle Chart and Guilder Roy in Comedyha’s Third Gala Animation! The references to Fest and the series are clear District 31 There are many. And that is the case. Well organized and very entertaining throughout the evening.

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Both actors performed brilliantly in comedy! For the first time. And they are so happy to be together on the Capitol stage. And the audience, with a big slap, was also delighted to see this moment.

Guilder “Daniel Chiason” initially said that Roy bought his clothes at the marketplace.

“Whose is it?” Asked, a little surprised, Michelle “Bruno Gagne” Chart?

“To Eric Salwell,” the guilder replied, referring to it as the “Stretch” suit.

“The Fly It’s open, “said Michelle Charrett.

“The same thing happened,” Guild Roy said, triggering a laugh.

As they performed the day before, during the Denise Drolet gala, the two actors had a great bond and enjoyed pecking at each other. You can smell the chemistry. They likened themselves to eggs and bacon, fries and hot dogs with lobster and garlic butter.

The guilder asked his sidekick if he had ever played on the show KM / H.

“This is Michelle Barrett, I’m Charrett,” he said, adding that he did not have to remove his teeth to work.


PA Méthot, Mathieu Dufour, Simon Delisle, Alex Roy, Lise Dion, Dominic and Martin, Catherine Éthier and Mathieu Cyr were the evening guests.

When he got on stage, PA Mathot explained that he and Michelle Charte had lost a guilder, in terms of pounds. The comedian started the issue on detention, without much, fortunately, drowning in it.

“At some point, we’ll stop talking about it,” he said at the end of his issue. It might be a good idea in terms of entertainment.

We also treated Matthew Dufour and Liz Dion who came to audition for new roles. District 31.

Matt Duff wanted to know everything about the show. “Nick Romano is on SS parole,” he asked the frustrated two actors.

Simon Delisley suggested that we should come back from the show, recalling the popular character of Jean Loo’s “Hot Dog” duel written by Michael Charrett. Hell Radio. He also mentioned about his role in the film Nitro2.

“He saw one. And he agreed to play in both,” he said, suggesting that Marcel LeBoff acted as a mercenary killer.

“He had to be killed with a hazel collar,” he commented.

And on the second evening, Michael Charrett delivered his “Food Wrap” again.

At the beginning of the second part, two animators start the theatrical number, interrupted by the arrival of Robert LePage, who leaves his diamond to give them some advice. A fun number with a cultural acquisition problem.

“You’ll be in a lot of trouble”, began the director who brought in Daniel Proulx to play the gay mother and Simon Bouleris. Guilder and Michelle Charrette are two characters to play.

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We also brought a man with a disabled wheelchair, identical twins, two police officers and two dogs to play other roles. Damn beautiful flash.

We’d really like to tell you about the ending number, but we are not allowed to. Unfortunately, we have to wait for this gala to air on TV. But, it was on the boat.

Comedyha Glass! The fest resumes Thursday, Thursday, at 8pm, at the Capitol, with Rene Simard in entertainment.