May 24, 2022

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Federal elections: Third priority link for Dominic Vian

Federal elections: Third priority link for Dominic Vian

Dominic Vian, who was confirmed Saturday as the Conservative Party of Canada candidate in Bellecసేse-less Etchimins-Lewis, began his campaign by citing a third link as his preferred file.

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Conservative Party (CPC) leader Erin O’Toole has joined hands, with Dominic Vian returning to politics on Saturday. She wants to keep the PCC seat with her – Steven Blaney – who is not contesting for the sixth time – will vacate.

The former Liberal MP and minister, who has been awaiting at the leadership of the Municipal Party Representation Lewis in recent days, said the decision was carefully scrutinized at the provincial level.

“The Conservative Party is achieving the goals we set for Canada, that is, managing the country as a good father and bringing back the budget balance,” M explained.To me Vian in connection with his decision to plunge into federal politics.

A turn

When asked about the file she would like to prioritize if she was elected to Riding‌, the new Conservative candidate did not go four ways: This is the third link.

“I have known my position for a long time and also the status of my fellow citizens. The third link marks a turning point in the economic development of our region,” said the 54-year-old woman, who has already begun her tour of the region.

“The Conservative Party is the only party that supports and is committed to providing concrete cooperation [à ce projet], She says. We therefore support the Quebec government in its realization. ”

Dominic Vian also stressed that the PCC, unlike Minister Duclos, who “wants to compartmentalize federal assistance in this matter”, “did not make such a comment.”

However, she was reluctant to confirm that the Conservative federal government could provide 40% of the funding for the Third Link, as requested by the Legalt government.

Delay and congestion

Moreover, the congestion around the Pierre-Laporte Bridge due to the work done in the last days has given the party arguments over its desire to achieve this famous third link.

The CCP chief was caught in a traffic jam between the two shores on Saturday, which delayed a press conference by more than 30 minutes to formalize Dominic Vian’s candidacy.

According to Sûreté du Québec, the second phase of work on the Pierre-Laporte bridge was further hampered by numerous obstacles and the lack of preparation of specific motorists.

“The third link is a point A turning point in development The economy of our region “

– Dominic Vian, Conservative Party of Canada candidate and former regional liberal minister