May 30, 2023

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Pont de Quebec: Purchased by Ottawa was delayed

Pont de Quebec: Purchased by Ottawa was delayed

We ran out of time, Sighed a source familiar with the negotiations.

For several weeks, however, there have been ongoing discussions. The arrival of the last month of the negotiator Pierre Lorty Allowed reconciliation between the parties in the Canadian National Camp. For the first time, a federal government spokeswoman, Yvonne Charest, may benefit from a dedicated person dedicated to the file.

There was a real desire on both sides to reach an agreement, but in the end, the Agreement Escaped us.

A quote from:A known source of discussion

As the federal election campaign was about to begin, the Trudeau government ended negotiations.

The stalemate in Quebec

According to information obtained by Radio-Canada, the compensation paid by CN for the purchase of the Quebec Bridge by Ottawa is in line with the expectations of the Trudeau government.

Apart from the participation of the Legalt government in the final financial package, the agreement could not be sealed.

Early Summer, President of the Canadian Treasury Board, Jean-Yves Duclos, Made it clear that Ottawa had a need Adequate compensation Before agreeing to take over the bridge.

Jean-Yves Duclos, President of the Canadian Treasury Board

Photo: Canadian Press / Jeff McIntosh

With a daily ridership exceeding 30,000 vehicles, Ministore des Transport remains the main customer of the Quebec (MTQ) bridge.

If the CN has a structure, the responsibility of the deck rests with the MTQ, so there is a need to obtain substantial compensation from the provincial government, according to the federal government.

The CAQ justifies itself

For Quebec, there is no question of enduring the cap of negotiation failure.

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The federal government is demanding a lot, Legalt releases a source in the government.

This man close to the file recalled MTQ’s commitment to completely replace the deck of the Quebec Bridge, ending its useful life.

This is a significant contribution, Emphasizes our origin. Construction costs are estimated at $ 200 million.

In the federal camp, it was emphasized that this was part of the work needed to ensure the stability of the structure, which is estimated at nearly 800 million in 25 years.


The start of the federal election campaign has closed the window of opportunity left open for the purchase of the Quebec Bridge by Ottawa.

The elected government next month will be heavy on resuming color negotiations, especially if a plan to return to balanced budgets is announced at the end of the epidemic.

Two cyclists on the Samuel-de Champlain Promenade bike route.

The Quebec Bridge seen from the Samuel-de Champlain Promenade bike route.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy-Roussell

Launched in 1917, the Quebec Bridge remains a masterpiece of engineering because it was discontinued on the cantilever above the river, without the use of cables.

The question of its management has been a topic of discussion in the capital, with the Canadian National arguing that its development is not its responsibility.

CN did not respond to a request for comment from Radio-Canada.