May 25, 2022

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The Fates de la Nouvelle-France: The edition that allowed the rediscovery of Quebec

The Fates de la Nouvelle-France: The edition that allowed the rediscovery of Quebec

Fetz de la Nouvelle-France organizers made a positive assessment of the event, which ended today, emphasizing that the treasure hunt allowed participants to rediscover their city or explore large unknown locations in old Quebec.

“For us, it’s important to keep the holiday spirit in New France alive,” commented Melanie Raymond, event general manager. “The fun way we transmit information is of interest to very different clients, couples of different ages, families with young children or young people.”

Treasure hunt

“While on a treasure hunt, we found places in Quebec that were less known than others, but part of our history.To me Raymond, for example, refers to the Park-de-L artillery.

Discontinued in 2020 with the pandemic, the holidays returned from August 5 to 15, but in reduced form, centered around a treasure hunt surrounding seven historical figures. Sets are also set up in Old Quebec and about thirty actors interact with visitors.

There will be no activities like parade or old trade shows this year. The organizers wanted to avoid meetings in the current health context. 25 next yearE Edition, “We still hope that the interactions will return to a very important festival and place of unity”, MTo me Raymond.

An estimate of the number of participants was not provided. However, there are nearly 40,000 scan clues in the sets via smart phones to access bonus content such as historical capsules.

“Beautiful feeling”

“It’s a really good feeling. Even though we’m from Quebec City, we’ll come every week (in old Quebec). Explains.

“It makes us discover small little corners. There are places we have never set foot in,” said Patrick Gagnon, along with his wife and their three children. Existing stories are appreciated. “That’s good, because there are so many characters from New France,” he said of the quest. “It tells their story,” adds Emile, who is interested in this period in our history.

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