May 17, 2022

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Gregory Charles is back at “Star Academy”!

Gregory Charles is back at "Star Academy"!

The “Star Academy” will be able to recalculate one of its pillars for its next edition in early 2022. Singing teacher Gregory Charles returns to class and joins a new team of educators after he already knows – how about the 2012 and 2021 versions of the popular show.

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He who has the skill to create an ear that recognizes memorable musical numbers and slight peculiarities of the ear tells how he sees this new chapter of adventure. Keep in mind that Laura Fabian will return to her directorial seat next season, confirming that Mark Dupree will be the host for the Sunday type.

Auditions for “Star Academy 2022” will begin by appointment on September 10. For information.

Gregory, you’re coming back to “Star Academy”, congratulations! First, quite simply, why did you agree to be part of the adventure again?

“I like teaching. I think it’s a job I do well and it’s useful. Not best used. And then, “Star Academy” is a chance to work with very good young talent and see them progress as quickly as possible in an exciting and effective context. We learn, we work, we perform on Sunday. We move on. “

What did you basically take from the 2021 edition? We saw that you were very emotional there. Did you learn things yourself?

“That talent is not discriminated against. It is seen everywhere. In those who have great ambitions, in those who do not. In the rich and the less fortunate. Our last edition showed that music makes people more beautiful, more optimistic, more generous, especially in times of health crisis, but also in all seasons. All these candidates we know, all of them are new messengers of happiness.The journey they have made from a starting point to an end point should also give millions of people the courage to transcend themselves.What have I learned? I also learn how to help them.I also learn every day about the connection between the creation process and creating music and sharing the basic emotions that guide us.

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You are now one of the “Star AC” Team Deans. What advice would you give to new professors joining the team in 2022?

“In hockey terms, we’ll pass, not ‘score’! And even if the series only lasts a few months, you have to think that what we do with the candidates will last a lifetime. For the rest, you have to give everything you have. ”

And what advice would you give to young people who are auditioning to be part of the next ensemble?

“You should not try to be better than others. You should try to be audible, but every day, too, you should be as good as you can be. When you are able to do it consistently, you can begin to expect yourself to be surpassed. And the same is inspiring.”

Did your beautiful Julia (9 years old) suffer from “Star AC” mania last year? Did you see her performance and did she have any favorites among the candidates?

“Julia really likes ‘Star AC’. She watches almost everything every day and Sunday. She has crushes. She’s frustrated to see some candidates leave. On Monday morning, on her way to school, I often hear:” Daddy, why did you let him go? ” I text her sometimes during Sunday glasses. I suggested that he take note of this or that on the show coming after the break. I wanted this experience to be useful to her as well. She also calculated how many years it would take before she could qualify … “

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