May 25, 2022

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It’s school time back for “Maria”!

It's school time back for "Maria"!

There is no time yet for the start of the academic year, but for Maria, a secondary school replacement played by Mariana Mazza in the movie “Maria”, it’s D-Day!

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In the feature film (“Femme ta Guel – Le Film”) directed by Alec Pronovost and scripted by Mariana Mazza and Justin Filly, we celebrated on the red carpet at the Imperial Cinema as part of Fantasia Monday, Maria played the most famous comedian in her career. The young woman who faced without, without work, without money.


When her dying mother begs her to find meaning in her life before she dies, Maria realizes she has to find a goal for herself. With seven years of bachelor’s degree in communication in hand, without actual work experience, she landed … an alternative position in high school! Can a young man with a heart really teach young people?

Florence Longpre, Alice Pascal and Isabel dos Santos answer Mariana Mazza in “Maria”.


“Maria” was produced by Group Entourage in collaboration with Club Illico and TVA and distributed by TVA Films in Canada. The film is set to hit theaters on Friday, August 20.

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