May 27, 2022

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Naomi shed tears at the Osaka press conference

Naomi shed tears at the Osaka press conference

At her first press conference since last May, Naomi Osaka of Japan shed tears in Cincinnati on Monday.

Everything was fine until Cincinnati Inquirer Reporter Paul Dougherty was asked in your passive-aggressive tone how he did not like to speak to sports media at a press conference when she was interested outside of Canada. Tennis is well served by the media.

Osaka, who was visually moved, replied that she was a tennis player at first and that is why the media in particular was talking about her. After this response she started crying and she left the press briefing for a moment before returning to answer some questions about tennis.

An angry Osaka agent reacted to the scene.

“The Cincinnati Inquirer rowdy is a perfect example of why relationships between players and the media are so bad right now,” he told reporter Ben Rothenberg.

“Everyone at this press conference agrees that the tone used is bad and only intended to intimidate. And this trick is a myth that Naomi owes the media for her off-court success. Don’t be so complacent.”

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