May 28, 2023

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Extended forecast: Quebec has launched seven pilot projects

Extended forecast: Quebec has launched seven pilot projects

Quebec is launching seven different pilot projects for an expanded deposit. Customers can now return their glass, metal or cardboard containers in 100 ml to 2 liter format to these sites.

The projects will be implemented in six cities: Granby, Chategway, Trois-Rivieres, Mont-Laurier, Terrebonne and Montreal.

Environment Minister Benoit Charrett visited the Maxi supermarket on Papino Avenue in Montreal on Tuesday and announced the establishment of these pilot projects, which cost about $ 1.3 million.

Representatives of RECYC-QUÉBEC as well as members of the retail trade are also on site. Keep in mind that the new extended forecast should be in effect by the end of 2022. At present there is no refund for customers to return relevant new containers.

The tests are expected to take several months. The most influential concepts are spread across the province.

“The results of these pilot projects will enable beverage makers and their partners to continue the work they have initiated, thus providing a simpler, more efficient and more convenient recovery method for participating parties,” Martin-Pierre Pelletier Press reports from the Quebec Association for the Recovery of Beverage Containers.

The Depot branch of the Society des Alcoles du Quebec (SAQ) in Terrebone is participating in the pilot project. Customers can keep wine and spirits as well as other containers there.

When the regulatory framework for the modernization of the deposit is formalized, customers will have to pay an additional 25 cents for wine and spirit bottles and an additional 10 cents for other returnable containers (juice, milk, water, soft drinks).

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Producers may also apply environmental fees for expenses related to the management of a new deposit.

More details to come …