July 3, 2022

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Surprising victory for the Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia

Surprising victory for the Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia

(Halifax) The Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia have reversed the trend seen in the polls to win the provincial elections and form the next government.

This surprising victory put an end to the emerging trend in Canada, as voters have been rewarding the parties in power ever since the outbreak and granted them new mandates in other provincial elections held during the health crisis.

The Canadian press estimates that progressive conservatives have won 16 rides so far – including several rides conducted by current Liberal ministers. They were also in the lead in the other nine.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Conservative leader who became the premier for Nova Scotia was elected in the Picto East Riding. His liberal rival and current prime minister, Ian Rankin, also retained his seat on the Timberley-Prospect.

NDP leader Gary Burrill wins his Halifax Chebukto ride.

Gary Burrill was first elected to the Nova Scotia Legislature in 2009.

The NDP has made electoral gains with MPs elected or in the lead in at least 10 rides.

Rankin called the election on July 17, less than five months after Stephen McNeil took over as provincial head following a succession leadership contest.

Progressive conservatives presented a platform leaning to the left, focusing on improving the health care system – which eventually became the mainstay of the campaign.

The exit liberals, led by Ian Rankin, 38, campaigned in an attempt to exploit post-epidemic optimism, while teaching strict economic conservatism.

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The NDP, which had five seats when it was abolished, also made gains, increasing its number of seats with victories in Halifax.