December 6, 2023

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Gigabyte responds to its exploded power supply

Gigabyte responds to its exploded power supply

No refund, but replacement or credit.

Image credit: Gamer Nexus

The gigabyte storm caught my eye for several days. Its latest GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM suffered two short circuits in the power supply, but unequally. You should know that the 750 and 850 watt power supply has been selling like hot cakes since September. Newer generation graphics cards, which previously required 650 watts for the RTX 3090 and 6900XT, now also require 750 and 850 watts. As long as the branded power supply exhibits 80+ gold, considering the fleet to be replaced, it has a good chance of flowing very easily, the same is true in the case of these gigabyte power supplies.

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However, many feedbacks from customers on various forums dedicated to the material illustrate the power supply, which explodes when high load is increased. Supporting videos, we can see people using their PC and we are suddenly surprised by the formation of sparks due to short circuit. Site Gamer Nexus Decided to verify the accuracy of these statements and therefore received ten gigabytes of power supply in the two models in question. As a result, five out of ten power supplies burned out during the test.

This power supply does not seem to cope properly with voltage peaks, at which time the processor or GPU consumes more than that. Typically, power supplies have components capable of handling these loads and the OPP “Over Power Protection” system. These long peaks usually come under control, but not just with burning feeds.

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Gigabyte finally responded that this problem was not common and required rapid ramp-up and maintenance. Except in the case of gaming use or high component pressure, these can occur and must be protected against GP-P750GM and GP-G850GM power supplies. Gigabyte still provides power supply or credit replacement to its customers. If you own one of these models, we do not recommend that you return it immediately for credit.

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