May 24, 2022

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Facebook has launched virtual reality meeting rooms

Facebook has launched virtual reality meeting rooms

New technology in beta is available to users of Quest 2 headsets. (Photo: 123RF)

According to California, Facebook on Thursday launched a new professional collaboration service that allows users to come together through Oculus virtual reality headsets. Strict.

In “workrooms”, participants appear in the form of personalized avatars around a round table resembling cartoon characters.

They can interact with their microphone, draw a virtual whiteboard using remote controls that reflect their gestures, or even broadcast their front screen in the room where they are physically present.

“Workshops are our flagship collaborative product that allows people to come and work in the same room, despite physical distance,” the company said in a statement on the Virtual Reality Headsets (VR) brand Oculus Blog, purchased through Facebook. 2014.

“It also works in virtual reality the way it does on the web and is designed to enhance your team collaboration ability,” she added.

The new technology is in beta for users of Quest 2 headsets. Colleagues who do not have this equipment can join meetings via video calls.

In late July, Facebook announced that it was creating a team dedicated to “metawares”, which means “meta-universe”, where the existing sci-fi vision in video games is a realistic and virtual integration.

Metawares represents the successor to the mobile Internet and the future of the social network, according to its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“In order to achieve our focus on metawares, to transcend physical limitations and move between rooms in one’s home as easily as possible – we need to build connective fabric between (different) digital spaces.” I explained about the boss on his Facebook profile.

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Gradually, he explained, liquid “movements” of virtual universes such as screens, holograms, VR headsets, and augmented reality glasses would have to be allowed in physical spaces such as “teleportations”.

“Metawars ‘outstanding quality presence – really feeling with the public – and FRL (Facebook Reality Labs, Project’s Incharge Division, Editor’s’) builds products that will bring presence to different digital locations over the years”.

Oculus has so far focused mostly on video games, but this section is also exploring other applications ranging from tourism to telecommuting.