May 19, 2022

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GameWard e-Sport courses teach “healthy gaming practice” to teens

GameWard e-Sport courses teach "healthy gaming practice" to teens

“Ilan, you’s not good at killing! *”, Antoine, 13 years old. The battle is very difficult in the training room on the Gameward campus in Boulon-Billancourt (Houts-de-Seine). Sitting in trendy player chairs, dozens of young people immerse themselves in the game of Fortnight, supervised by Evan, supervisor who specializes in e-sport coaching and animators from the Bowlon Leisure Center. , Town Hall sponsored coaching this week.

During the five-day, three-and-a-half-hour sessions, the teenagers’ playing technique will be evaluated, and punctuation will be given on the wise advice of the Game‌ward employee. “It is important to teach children the healthy practice of video games and to combat the rage associated with depression,” Evan analyzed. “You look moral when you explain to them that you want to eat well, take care of your posture or eye fatigue. However, the words of the coach. Facing him, teens, boiling in front of the screen, regaining their composure in the moment.

“For some, this is their first time playing on a PC”

It has to be said that there is something in the GameWord record that catches the attention of gaming lovers. The Sport Club primarily trains professional players and supports sports and nutrition lessons. In addition, Marcot, a Game‌word affiliate pro player, is about to enter the game. “We’re going to laminate” started a young man looking angry. “I’ll increase the stakes. Whoever can beat Marcot, I’ll pay him five guys,” the host began with a laugh.

For many participants, video games are a real breakthrough, especially on computers. “For some, this is the first time they’ve played on a PC,” Gaul noted, along with the entertainment center. “Home consoles are more affordable, but computers are more expensive, but others are more convenient. Like Ilan, whose capabilities impress the manager. Won the burger.

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“We like to slow down rather than blame the game”

Behind the good-natured atmosphere, the course is an opportunity to overcome a few extra things. “Because of the shock of generations, I understand that it is difficult for parents to monitor this practice,” Evan argues. “We try to raise awareness about the dangers of addiction. In some cases, parents may find that parents stole their credit card to buy their player’s virtual costume skin on Fortnite. For them, it’s like personalizing their profile on a social network, which is difficult to identify.”

The solution was immediately suggested: “It is in our hands to reduce rather than blame the game.” Evan’s most valuable advice to parents: “Instead of going against this practice, we should try to understand this moment to share it with children. By coming back to the screen and understanding your need for recognition, you can value sportswear instead of rewards for better grades.” Almost over and Marcot is already moving on, it’s time to offer professional advice to apprentice gamers: “You need to know how to have fun, love what you do. But the most important thing is to work in school to be serious about the game.”

* Span Kill means killing a video game character within seconds of reappearing.