May 17, 2022

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Mandatory vaccination of all public servants New Brunswick | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

Mandatory vaccination of all public servants New Brunswick |  COVID-19 in the Atlantic

This was confirmed by Prime Minister Blaine Higgs during a media scrum on Wednesday afternoon.

I say today that we are going to move forward with a mandatory vaccination program. It targets government employees, at this point. If people choose not to be vaccinated, we will consider a testing program., Dit Blaine Higgs.

Officers and employees who refuse to be vaccinated against Kovid-19 should undergo regular screening tests.

We have concerns about the number of vaccines [distribués]. As it slowed down, we vaccinated approximately 72% of the population completely. The cases we have are people who have not been vaccinated, The Prime Minister said to explain his decision.

Vaccinations are mandatory for teachers

New Brunswick Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardi confirms that vaccinations are mandatory for teachers and school staff (custodians, librarians) except central staff.

The minister indicated that his intention was to impose this measure at the beginning of the academic year.

He is scheduled to submit his plan to return to class on Friday.

And other sectors?

Blaine Higgs expects businesses and other entities in the regional jurisdiction to follow public service leadership, but it will not be imposed by order.

It is a public health recommendation. This is public health opinion. Time will tell whether to go further and follow the rules, Says Higgs.

In total, 71.9% of people aged 12 and over were fully immunized in the province.

As of Wednesday, there were 115 active Covid-19 cases in New Brunswick, and 900 individuals were alone because they had been exposed to or had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

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With information from Pascal Reiche-Nog and Nicholas Steinbach