May 17, 2022

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Mary-Christine Lamontagne: Solidarity with Black

Mary-Christine Lamontagne: Solidarity with Black

In the federal scenario, Quebec Solidarity prefers NDP, which is well known.

An internal poll from the block from the logger company this summer – the results I got – is at least about “Qsist” voters in this regard.

At the federal level, 43% of them said they were more inclined to vote for the Jagmeet Singh party. And despite the fact that QS is sovereign, only 24% of QS respondents want to support the block.


In the 2018 Quebec election, Mary-Christine Lamontagne QS candidate – “Post”, she joked in Montmorsey. She has been working in the parliamentary department since 2018. But she was gone in 2020. “Without opening the door,” she insisted.

This year, the 27-year-old chose to wear black Cubacois colors.


In June 2019 the QS face on secularism chilled her. She, a political employee, did not take part in the debate when it was debated in Congress. His personal position is similar to that of Bouchard-Taylor. Formula justified by QS in 2018; But the party has refrained from adopting a position contrary to any prohibition.

M.To me Lamontagne was able to live with this turn, but the way she did it after the election, and without enough discussion, made her “uncomfortable”. QS abolished its “collective” secularism in November 2020.

  • Listen to Antoine Rabbitile’s interview with Mary-Christine Lamontagne on QUB Radio:

In short, in these matters, she is more easily on the block. But she wanted to continue on “commitment to independence” above all else: “I see important fronts coming that demand that Quebec stay strong and that it stand upright.”

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She said she was passionate about constitutional issues. Born in 1994, she apologizes for not being able to engage in great discussions in redefining Quebec space in Canada. Both camps – restored federalism and sovereignty – have failed: “Until this is resolved, the block will remain relevant,” she stressed.

The importance of political questions, she understood during the “Maple Spring”. But she felt that the power of the time was not properly “channeled”.

3E Lien

Presenting herself as “practical” and interested in all issues, she reminded me at the end of the radio interview (for QUB) that I had not broached the subject (as expected) of the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel; And at least $ 10 billion in federal support for this CAQ project.

The position of the block on this topic is unclear. Chief Yves-Franకోois Blanchett said he did not need to form an opinion on the project because it was a request from Quebec.

“We need to understand the role of the block,” Lamontagne replied, maintaining our decision-making ability: “It may not be the pose that some expect, but it’s ours and it is producing results.”

Example: A $ 6 billion five-year agreement for childcare centers was announced on August 5 by Prime Ministers Trudeau and Legalt. Without a team of block members, wouldn’t the federal government have moved so quickly?

The Conservatives, for their part, pledged to pay 40% of the bill for 3E Link: “On the one hand they say so, but on the other hand, they promise to terminate the $ 6 billion childcare contract. The” federal government “contribution to the tunnel will be deducted from Quebec families,” she said.

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