May 22, 2022

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Trudeau acknowledges that deporting everyone from Afghanistan is “very difficult” Elections Canada 2021

Trudeau acknowledges that deporting everyone from Afghanistan is "very difficult"  Elections Canada 2021

The challenge is not efficiency in Canadian and partner aircraft; The challenge is that people are having a lot of trouble [à] Go to the airport because the Taliban are blocking access, He he said.

Canada resumed flights to Kabul for the first time on Thursday Closing his embassy, Sunday. Two Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) C-17 Globemasters will now perform Normal flights In this area to bring back those who can be brought home, Trudeau said.

According to a source from CBC, Radio-Canada’s English network has at least 1,500 Afghan commentators as well as 5,000 dependents on the waiting list for Canadian visas. They now risk being arrested by the Taliban for working with the Canadian Army and other organizations – or even worse.

The Prime Minister assured on Thursday that most of them would be able to leave for Canada. Flights are ready and waiting at Kabul airport, but he stressed, but when it comes time to depart for Canada they are unlikely to be at full capacity.

If the Taliban do not change their position dramatically – the international community and Canada are working – it will be very difficult to get many out., Trudeau says.

It will be impossible in the coming weeks to bring out as many people as we need.

A quote from:Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The Taliban captured just the whole of Afghanistan within a week after President Ashraf Ghani left the country and attacked Kabul on Sunday. Since then, the Taliban have promised a peaceful transfer of power and a Forgiveness In all countries.

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However, Ottawa The Taliban do not recognize the government, Warned Justin Trudeau on Tuesday.

Speed ​​up going back home

The arrival of Canadian soldiers suggests that efforts to evacuate former Canadian allies and their families may now intensify.

The Canadian government has been accused of failing to act quickly to send planes to Kabul and process Afghan documents – a criticism that was not made by Prime Minister Trudeau.

This is a very difficult situation, but I can assure you that whether our government is red tape or bureaucracy, our government is working hard to reduce the barriers and make sure people get out of there as soon as possible., He announced.

Canada has deported more than 800 Afghans since the beginning of this month. Tuesday, Three planes Diplomats, soldiers and refugees have already landed in Ontario.

Negotiations are underway with the Taliban

Interviewed on the show 24 | 60, Retired Major-General Denise Thompson ordered the NATO Task Force Kandahar in 2008-2009, saying he was not Not impossible Protect Afghan commentators and their families by August 31, Americans Plan to leave the country.

However, on condition Negotiations with the Taliban.

a Ceasefire For example, a 24-hour shift may allow for allied vehicles Roam the city [de Kaboul] To find our commentators and their families And bring them back to the airport, Major-General Thompson estimated.

International repatriation operation, he admitted Very complex, But he Keep the hope To make it successful.

Furthermore, it is a mistake to believe that empty planes will depart from Kabul and bring back only a few commentators who have worked exclusively for Canada. Do, Major-General Thompson recalled.

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This is the operation of the entire coalition: if we had a Canadian plane at the airport, it would be quite possible [qu’on y retrouvera] Canadians, Americans, French and British, He explains. The goal is not to have a single coalition plane departing without an airport [être rempli au maximum].

Expatriates reunite in Qatar or the United Arab Emirates before returning to their home country.

Canada pledged to host last week 20,000 Afghan refugees.