June 26, 2022

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Brazil | President Bolsonaro has called for an impeachment of a Supreme Court judge

Brazil |  President Bolsonaro has called for an impeachment of a Supreme Court judge

(Brazil) Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro on Friday asked the Senate to open an impeachment process against a Supreme Court judge who ordered a hearing on his statements, casting doubt on the election.

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco has confirmed that he has accepted the impeachment motion against Alexander de Moraes, one of the eleven judges of the Supreme Court. He promised to “analyze” it, but that such a mechanism should not be “trivialized or abused”.

This ally of the government, he distanced himself from, also said that he would not “surrender to any attack intended to divide Brazil.”

This is the first time Zaire Bolsonaro has requested the removal of a Supreme Court judge since taking office in January 2019.

In his petition, Mr Bolsonaro believes that Mr de Moraes was biased in his investigation into the Supreme Court’s false news and threats to several judges in 2019, in which the judge included the president on August 4.

Alexander de Moraes denounced President Bolsonaro as “investigator, accused and judge at the same time” and “censor of freedom of expression”.

On August 4, Mr. de Moraes ordered an investigation into the head of state for spreading false information, following persistent and unproven attacks on the electoral system.

“The decision was made by Alexander de Moraes following a request from the TSE to launch an investigation into the head of state’s abuse of political and economic power. […] In its attacks on the electronic voting system and the legitimacy of the 2022 election. ”

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The magistrate, who will preside over the TSE in the next presidential election in October 2022, in particular, said the Supreme Court would try to determine whether the supreme leader was guilty of “insult, defamation and defamation”.

Given as lost by polls

The Supreme Court, in response to a brief press release, condemned the President’s initiative, “against one of its members for making decisions in the investigative framework approved by the Court Plenary Session.” “The rule of democracy does not allow a judge to blame the judge for his or her decisions,” he said, confirming Mr de Morse’s “full confidence in independence and impartiality.”

Mr Bolsonaro, who is running for re-election, did not support re-voting by paper ballots, but to print receipts after each electronic vote, to allow recounting of votes in the event of a dispute.

The measure, which was rejected by the TSE, confirms that the current system has never been rife with irregularities and that the printing of paper receipts, by contrast, can expose elections to “risks of past fraud”.

The president’s attacks on the electoral system, and even the TSE, which he calls President Luis Roberto Barroso a “fool”, comes at a bad time, especially when his popularity is clearly declining. The coronavirus crisis is considered by experts to be dangerous.

Mr. Bolsonaro lost the election for several weeks, if he decides to represent himself, the former president of his arch-enemy, the leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010).