December 4, 2022

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In the wake of the Afghan refugees, Trump is moving from hospitality to hostility

In the wake of the Afghan refugees, Trump is moving from hospitality to hostility

Behind the majority’s sympathetic statements to Afghan allies seeking to flee the Taliban, there are voices on the American radical right to warn of the influx of refugees into America, now the powerful megaphone, Donald Trump.

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The film, which evacuated more than 800 Afghans during an emergency on a U.S. military plane Sunday, was widely welcomed with messages of sympathy from affected Americans as the Taliban have just taken over Kabul.

The story of the crew who decided to leave instead of forcibly expelling these civilians from the overloaded plane is a symbol of the tradition that greets them.

The former Republican president sent a serious statement Wednesday: “This plane must be filled with Americans. America first! “

Yet Donald Trump did not have the same speech two days ago.

“Can anyone imagine bringing our army out before moving civilians and others who have done good to our country and are allowed to seek refuge”? He wrote, criticizing his successor Joe Biden for the defeat of the American withdrawal and chaotic moves.

Between the two conversations, the voices of influential far-right commentators and the billionaire’s former loyal adviser publicly warned with xenophobic warnings against the arrival of thousands of refugees.

In the wake of the Afghan refugees, Trump is moving from hospitality to hostility

“We occupied”

“Raise your hand if you want this plane to land in your place,” the presenter of the popular mini-channel “Trumpists” Newsmax and Steve Cortes praised on a popular photo of an Afghan on an American plane on Twitter on Tuesday.

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“First we invade, then we are invaded,” Tucker Carlson, the popular presenter of the powerful Chain Fox News, one of the largest viewers of American television, began the day before.

The United States plans to expel nearly 30,000 Americans and Afghans from Kabul, including commentators, drivers, contractors who have helped interpretation forces for twenty years and fear retaliation against the rebel regime.

For Stephen Miller, a close adviser to Donald Trump in the White House, the Biden administration has a clear “political goal” in deporting Afghan allies, rather than a humanitarian goal.

According to him, it would be very “humane” and very cheap for the United States to install them in their Asian region, South Asia. But he has been cracking down on Twitter and television since Sunday, saying “refugees get citizenship quickly, so early resettlement will cause a massive wave of chain migration.”

Understand: Democrats want a less white, diverse society that gives them more votes.

Charlie Kirk, a young radio host with radical positions and strong support for Donald Trump, summed it up more clearly: “You can not see what’s wrong with the AFP | Come here? Joe Biden wants nearly 200,000 Ilhan Omar, a Congress Democrat, a former Somali refugee, who wants to “come to the United States to change his policy permanently.”

If they seem to have influenced Donald Trump this week, this voice among Republicans will be in the minority, where great people, even those close to the former president, defended their reception on Friday, risking their lives to help Americans.

“It is an honor to move the Afghans who fought so bravely with us,” wrote Senator Lindsay Graham.

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However, the White House is undoubtedly overseeing the chorus of remarks hostile to Donald Trump, refugees, because with a great sounding board, they can end the public debate.

Meanwhile, the cacophony of Republicans amused some Democrats, who on Friday morning senator Chris Murphy said: “All Republicans who say we have a moral obligation must meet soon to keep refugees out of the country.”