May 21, 2022

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Mandatory vaccinations for bank employees | Major players in Quebec expect

Mandatory vaccinations for bank employees |  Major players in Quebec expect

Like other Canadian companies in federally controlled industries, large banks are required to provide full immunity to their office workers. In Quebec, at present, the major players in the field have not yet followed suit.

Julian Arsenalt

Julian Arsenalt

Last week, TD Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal and CIBC made their intentions clear by unveiling special policies. Scotbank warns that vaccinating its employees will be mandatory in the fall.

These decisions come as the trend of COVID-19 cases is on the rise. Prior to the election, the federal government said that federal employees, workers and travelers working in federal regulated industries such as transportation and banking should be fully immune from the coronavirus novel.

⁇ [Étant donné] More than 80% of Deszardins employees (52,000 workers) will still be on the telework for several weeks, and Deszardins will continue to reflect on the double vaccination of its employees, ”a spokesman said in an email. Jean-Benoit Turcotti, in answer to a question on the policy of the cooperative financial group.

Desjardines Federal Chartered is not a Canadian bank, but it is the largest private owner in the province. In the case of the National Bank, the sixth largest bank in the country indicated that it did not “make comments” on the matter.

Laurentian Bank said it wanted to “follow all government directives, including federal regulations,” and was ready to adopt “its methods if necessary.” The bank did not provide further details about a possible vaccination policy.

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In Quebec, Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey said on Twitter on Friday that 75% of those aged 12 and over were fully vaccinated. He encouraged the population to “go reach their second dose of 85%.”

Requirements with options

For example, at TD Bank, employees must register their immunization status with the company by September 30. All workers who want to access their premises from Bank 1 need a full vaccinationIs November.

The BMO, which has until Oct. 31, said it would test its non-vaccinated employees twice a week for Kovid-19 after that date. They must also adhere to other health and safety measures to enter the BMO organization. The latter does not specify what these actions are.

Does a bank-like employer need to vaccinate its employees twice, following a request from Ottawa? According to Alain Barre, an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Relations at Laval University, there is no “absolute answer” yet.

In the health sector, I think the nature of the work performed justifies the request from the employer. For office workers, this can be even more difficult.

Alain Barre is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Relations at Laval University

However, Mr Barre explained that in the exceptional case of a health crisis, the courts, if they had to rule on a case, could recognize the company’s right to vaccinate.

“Tests for those who refuse to be vaccinated are also offered as a measure of accommodation, especially if the employer bears the costs,” he says.

In addition to banks, companies such as Sun Life Financial, Shopify, universities and healthcare facilities across the country have also demanded that their employees be vaccinated. The Legalt government also wants healthcare workers to receive their two doses by 1 p.m.Is October.

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According to a poll conducted by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies, 76% of respondents said they strongly or moderately support the vaccine passport as they plan to replace Quebec.

From 1Is In September, this requirement applies to places such as bars, concerts and festivals where a limited number of people are present.

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