May 25, 2022

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Vaccine passport at trial in Montreal | “We just want to keep our companies shut down”

Vaccine passport being tested at a Montreal booth

Customers in Tavern Midway, downtown Montreal, submitted their QR code before the table was assigned Friday evening, as part of a third pilot project to test the vaccine passport. A successful test for the establishment, it attracted over fifty demonstrators who came to argue their opposition to health proof.

Coralie Laplante

Coralie Laplante

The sound of horns echoed on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard, with demonstrators gathering on the sidewalk across the street, opposite the booth.

Opposing the vaccine proof, waving signs that provoke “my body, my choice” or “freedom”, “Nazi passport”.

Several agents and security guards from the police department of Montreal City (SPVM) were in front of the booth.

Photo by Sarah Mongyu-Birkett, Press

Several minutes later, demonstrators crossed the boulevard, insulting restaurant-bar customers through the windows. One person held a cross, while others pointed to their cardboard markers, which read “QR code, theft of valuable private data”.

An alert man was dispersed in the middle of a traffic lane. The situation came under control a few minutes after police intervened.

From 1Is In September, Cubasers will need to be adequately vaccinated if they want to access gyms, restaurants and “high traffic public events”. The vaccine passport needs to be valid for at least seven days after injection.

Successful test, but expect maintenance

The pilot project at Taverne Midway aims to read QR codes and test an application developed by Quebec for this purpose.

At the restaurant entrance, an employee checks customers’ QR codes on the app. Unlike pilot projects, companies must provide a cell phone for download.

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If the person is vaccinated appropriately, a green light will be displayed on the application. An identity document will then be requested. If the QR code is not active, a red alert appears on the screen.

Midway Tavern owner Charles Laundry sat down to talk and sighed Tap, In the middle of the evening when the incident took place.

Photo by Sarah Mongue-Birkett, Lapress

Charles Laundry

“The reason we do this is to help the community of our restaurants and bars in Quebec have to live with a vaccine passport in any case,” he said. The company was reluctant to take a position on this issue. “What we want is not to shut down our companies,” he said.

For more than a week, Tavern Midway Health has been experiencing a wave of hateful comments on social networks coming from people who oppose the passport. Despite everything, Mr. Laundry did not regret launching the pilot project.

Arnad Boyer, a Midway Tavern employee, was responsible for scanning customers’ QR codes. He did not notice any major computer problems in the evening. “We have always adapted. We are going to adapt to new conditions,” he said, responding to the implementation of the new measure.

For Charles Laundry, vaccine passport enforcement is a question of logistics. “Vaccination passport takes time,” more than the client’s register, he said.

The owner hopes that the measurements in restaurants and bars in the province will be relaxed once the vaccine passport comes into force, especially regarding the two-meter distance between tables and the reception capacity limit.

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The QR code reading application can be downloaded by all citizens, as each person can download their own code, as promised by Health Ministry spokeswoman Marjorie Larou. You can also print your QR code.

Since the pilot projects were voluntary, no one denied access to the restaurant-bar.

Customers in favor of Health Passport

Tent customers met Tap Satisfied with the pilot project.

“I came here specifically this evening to test [mon code QR] , Says Christine Ovalet. Her friend, Johanne Couture, did not accidentally upload her QR code, but supports her vaccination passport.

Photo by Sarah Mongue-Birkett, Lapress

Christine Ovalet and Johann Couture.

The operation of the Nicholas Donomy vaccine passport is considered “very simple”. “Initially I was not necessarily for the vaccine passport, but for businesses if it was needed [restent ouverts], I want everything to be closed, “he said.

Photo by Sarah Mongue-Birkett, Lapress

Nicholas Donomy

“I was very impressed when they scanned it, there was no log,” said Mark Schloser, who was pleased with the decision to set up a Quebec vaccine passport.

Two other pilot projects, two events

Photo by Caroline Grogire, Archive of the Sun.

The first pilot project took place on August 11 and 12 at the La Cage de Leborgneuf restaurant in Quebec.

The first pilot project took place on August 11 and 12 at the La Cage de Leborgneuf restaurant in Quebec. Several demonstrators demonstrated themselves in front of the company to express their opposition to the vaccine passport.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the health proof was tested at the Éconofitness gym in the Wimont Sector in Laval. Opponents of the vaccine also expressed their dissatisfaction in the gym parking lot.

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