May 28, 2022

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Why are foreign iGaming companies starting to recognize the value of the Canadian market?

Staying entertained is key to living a happy life and having fun in your spare time. Of course, the modern world and all the technology in it gives us more ways to do this than ever. From using the latest smartphones to catch up on social media to cool cloud gaming tech, music streaming or catching hot new TV shows online, it is hard to ever be bored now.

One increasingly popular way for people to have fun is playing online casino games. These games are not only exciting and engaging but also ideal for filling in time on your daily commute or lunch break. All this has led the iGaming industry across the world to grow rapidly in recent years and generate multi-billions in annual revenue. 

One of the most exciting iGaming markets currently is Canada and this has seen some top foreign online casino companies starting to take notice. It is key to note that while it is not legal for any online casino to operate within Canada, it is perfectly fine for Canadians to play at offshore, foreign iGaming sites. The emerging profile of the Canadian market can be seen by the sheer number of companies that now cater to players from this country.

Rizk Casino leads the way

This casino for example is one that has moved into the Canadian market lately and is certainly one of the top names for Canadian players to enjoy online games with. Part of the global Betsson Group, Rizk is known for fast withdrawals, a range of superb games and a user-friendly site layout. This internet casino company is not alone in catering to Canadian players – the sheer number of iGaming firms from abroad turning their attentions here shows what a big iGaming location it has become in modern times.

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But why have so many international iGaming companies started to value what Canada offers? 

Large market to target 

Although it might not be the biggest country in terms of population, Canada is home to around 38 million people. When you add the number of tourists it usually attracts per year, this suddenly turns into a large enough number of potential customers to get foreign iGaming companies interested. As a result, many online casino companies are starting to focus on Canada to take a share of this huge market.

New market to explore 

The competition between iGaming operators is pretty fierce and there are lots of sites clamoring for players’ attention. There is also a feeling that the market in historically popular iGaming locations, such as Europe, is close to saturation point. This has caused many foreign gaming companies to look around for relatively new markets to move into, with less competition and a fresh audience to engage with. For these reasons, Canada is certainly a country that seems to have popped up on the radar of many foreign iGaming organizations.

Canadian online casino gaming rules help

As noted above, the current rules in Canada around online casino gaming state that people in the country can game at foreign sites but no online casinos may operate within Canadian borders. This effectively opens up the Canadian market solely to foreign iGaming companies and stops any potential competition from firms within the country. As a result, it makes sense for foreign companies to target Canada and unlock the value this market holds for them.

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People in Canada like to play online casino games 

For foreign iGaming firms, it is only worth putting the resources into markets that actually want their services. Trying to bring online games to people who just do not want them is a pointless exercise for these businesses. Canadians, though, do have an appetite for iGaming and there is a real demand for it around the country. Ontario is a classic example of this, as its population of about 15 million has a positive view on gaming online. This type of favorable response to iGaming shows the value of the market to online casino groups and means they are more likely to enter the Canadian market.

Foreign iGaming sites looking to Canada 

It seems clear that foreign iGaming companies are now starting to see the true value of the market in Canada for the reasons given above. This, of course, is superb news for players in the country who now have a raft of cool places to game online. As the market develops, it is only reasonable to believe that the options will increase and Canadian players should have more ways than ever to game online.