February 22, 2024

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“I will not leave you!” : Toulouse complains to Dr. Jerome Marty Nicholas Dupont-Aignon

"I will not leave you!"  : Toulouse complains to Dr. Jerome Marty Nicholas Dupont-Aignon

Toulouse announced that Dr. Jerome Marty would file a complaint against Nicholas Dupont-Aignon for making “defamatory remarks”.

He announced on Twitter on Saturday evening that he had decided to file a complaint against Jerome Marty Nicolas DuPont-Ignon, general practitioner at Fronton, Haut-Garonne, and president of the UFML Union (French Union for Free Medicine). “You have brought the most serious allegation against our corporation publicly through defamatory remarks. Therefore I have the honor to complain against you,” the doctor declared, referring to the politician’s tweet.

The day before, Nicholas Dupont-Aignon wrote on the social network: “Professor Didier Roult saved lives by promptly treating the sick: he was fired. Thousands died for their conscience.

“I will not leave you!”

“I will not leave you!” Dr. Jerome Marty continued. “We have been agreeing for many months that the policies you follow are hostile, fake news and obscure.
Today you have done more than insult us, we will attack you. “

“We are going to make your serious allegation a symbol,” he added. “Physicians, caregivers, who fight against Kovid-19 every day and are not disqualified, we will attack you in connection with the propaganda that you distill or you relay.”

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