May 23, 2022

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Maxim Bernier, PPC leader, excluded from leaders’ talks | Elections Canada 2021

Maxim Bernier, PPC leader, excluded from leaders' talks |  Elections Canada 2021

The People’s Party of Canada did not meet any of the three criteria for participation, namely:

  • Have an elected deputy to the House in the name of the same elected party (defector not counted);
  • Won 4% of the vote in the previous election;
  • Get at least 4% of voting intent five days after the election call date.

To ensure that PPC Reached the 4% limit on voting intentions, the Leaders Negotiation Committee used the results of nine polls. Between 0.7% and 5.2% voting intent the party is below the acceptable limit there, averaging between 3.27%.

I was disappointed, because the latest polls also gave us 4, 5 and 6% of the vote, Referring to Mr Bernier, stressing that he was hurt by the party’s gathering of 1% voting intentions when considering polling ప్రారంభ at the beginning of the week.

The methodology is not entirely accurate, but I do not blame the Commission for having at least clear and precise standards., He announced.

Instead, I blame the establishment of a cartel of politicians, which has done everything to undermine the People’s Party since its formation.

A quote from:Maxim Bernier, head of PPC

The latter also attacked the media coverage of the major national media. The Greens in the election are on an equal footing with us and have less approved candidates, and they are in the mainstream national media coverage, but we are not there., He lamented.

In the previous election, in 2019, Mr. Bernier Had to be invited For leaders’ talks, but Admission rules have been tightened From.

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Elected four times and continuously from 2006 to 2015, when he defended colors Conservative Party, Maxim Bernier In 2019, not elected under the banner PPC He was recently founded.

Political reactions

Before announcing the commission’s decision, New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh told a news conference that Mr Bernier was promoting ideas that could harm public health.

According to him, he is saying It is contrary to science, and such messages, it undermines our response to the epidemic and our efforts to immunize and protect the entire population..

Direction of NPD He personally wrote a letter to the Commission to exclude Mr. Bernier from the discussions of the leaders, because, accordingly, he Often promotes extreme-right conspiracy theories on social media And His behavior risks damaging the leaders’ negotiating reputation.

For his part, the outgoing Melanie Jolie of the Liberal Party of Canada candidate in Ahuntzik-Cartierville Respect the decision Reluctant to comment on it as it originated from an independent commission.

The press did not question Canada’s Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole and Black Quebeco leader Yves-Franకోois Blanchett.

Leaders’ talks will first take place in French on September 8, and in English on September 9. Mr Bernier was not even invited to the September 2 debate on TVA and LCN.