May 23, 2022

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SummerSlam: Becky Lynch is back!

SummerSlam: Becky Lynch is back!

Warning! The major spoilers on WWE Summer‌slam results include the following.

It all started so badly. As soon as Bianca Belir came to defend his SmackDown Championship title against Sasha Banks, The announcer told us that the Challenger could not be seen this evening. However, you can imagine that WWE did not have just one trick to its sleeve, telling us that we have already found someone else to replace the banks … Carmella! Yes, Carmella.

People decided to change their Champions League match for the semi-pro Bulgarian D2 match. Becky Lynch entrance music explodes through Allegiance Stadium!

After months of rumors and a rain of hopes, The man is finally back! The Irish woman descended into the ring and began by resolving the case of Carmella kicked out of the ring. Military hands.

Then the inevitable happened. With only Lynch and Belarus remaining in the ring, the pair gave fans a fight to live up to their expectations.

Authentic squash! Becky defeated the champion within 30 seconds And at the same time regained the SmackSown Champion Belt. Blue tops the Blue Show!

Find all the results of WWE Summer‌slam at this address as well as our review of the show below:

Photo credit: WWE

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