March 20, 2023

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While in Calgary, Trudeau denies the Alberta Premier | Elections Canada 2021

While in Calgary, Trudeau denies the Alberta Premier |  Elections Canada 2021

Contrary to what he did in 2019, by briefly visiting Calgary a few days before the poll, Justin Trudeau stopped in the metropolis of Alberta on the fifth day of his campaign this year.

After praising the features of local liberal candidate George Chahal, he did not fail to criticize the actions of the Kenny government during the epidemic.

Here your conservative government has reduced support for health care heroes at exactly the right time. As we rely on our health care and frontline workers, Jason Kenny is cutting back!, He he said.

Justin Trudeau had to take his government into his own hands to help Alberts [leur] The provincial government makes one bad decision after another.

Jason Kenny made decisions that annoyed you and blamed those on Skyview for the pandemic, [le chef conservateur fédéral] Erin O Tool is not there for you. He was too busy praising Jason Kenny, He continued.

Jason Kenny’s popularity has waned since the epidemic began in Alberta. Many political analysts, As Frederick Boyle from the University of Alberta, No need to be surprised to see Justin Trudeau – all Like NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Try to take advantage of it – yet -.

Marco Navarro-Goni, a right-wing political analyst and president of the Houltein Institute, however, doubts the effectiveness of this strategy.

People are well aware that there is a difference between regional conservatives and federal conservatives., He says.

I don’t think it will necessarily have a big impact on Conservative voters in Alberta., He adds.

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Jason Kenny, on a week-long vacation, has not appeared in public since the start of the federal election campaign.

With information from Audrey Neve