December 5, 2023

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Justin Trudeau denies staying away from ideas | Elections Canada 2021

Justin Trudeau denies staying away from ideas |  Elections Canada 2021

However Radio-Canada revealed on Saturday The liberal leader is surveying his team To find proposals to mobilize progressive voters.

After a day break, Justin Trudeau left for the country Meet Miramichi voters, New Brunswick.

During the press scrutiny, during this time of the election campaign, when he was looking for big ideas to design his election platform, when he had months to think about it, he was asked if it was normal.

For 17 months, people understood that we were engaged in the fight against this epidemic and that it was not over yet. It has always been and will always be our priority. This is what we have been doing for 17 months. This is what we will continue, He explained.

Justin Trudeau has somewhat confirmed the information that his political structure has not yet completed the development of its electoral platform.

At the same time, yes, we are talking about how to rebuild, how to learn these epidemic lessons to end the epidemic, but how to build a just, more prosperous society for all., He admitted.

“Strong ideas,” Trudeau promised

Remember that Justin Trudeau himself went to see the Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, on August 15, To call for a general election.

After leaving Rydo Hall, the Prime Minister had to explain why the country was being thrown into elections as a fourth type of infection from the coronavirus was rampant.

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According to him, voters need a ballot to express themselves and choose the path to follow in order to get out of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, he defended it.

Justin Trudeau lent himself to the game of taking photos with voters.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Louis Blowin

In Miramichi, however, the liberal leader promised to reach out to his party’s citizens Strong ideas On many issues.

We have a lot to do. There is no shortage of ideas. We can provide a campaign and a platform and most importantly a future vision that is very different from the small of Mr. O’Toole’s approach in particular.

A quote from:Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

Mr. We showcase our platform elements every day. We are talking about the preferences of Canadians and soon we will have a fully calculated platform to show to the public., He he said.

The Bloc, the Conservatives and the New Democrats have already announced their platform. The Black It was unveiled on SundayConservatives at Second day campaign, And the New Democrats, Before it was even primary.

Contact our file on the 2021 federal election.

Trudeau attacked a tool

Responding to the lawsuit, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole argued that Justin Trudeau was taking his opponents seriously.

I have never underestimated my rivals in my life. I understand how important it is to have strong perspectives on how we are going to move forward as a nation, He replied.

Certainly Mr. O’Toole is putting forward a very clear vision of a country […] Where do you look back when people want to move forward.

A quote from:Retired Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In return, he threw some arrows at the Conservative leader, who wanted to build a country We have a two tier health system where we tear down health contracts and withdraw six billion dollars for Quebec.

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The liberal leader appears to have suggested a July 2021 video in which Erin O’Toole mentions the strengths of the private sector to improve the health care system. The video was shared on social media by the Liberal Party of Canada.

Justin people are talking around.

Justin Trudeau returned to Miramichi after a day’s break, where he met voters.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Louis Blowin

However, the video was truncated, denouncing the Conservative party on Twitter. In the full version, the party claims that the Conservative leader is already emphasizing the fact We must ensure that universal access is paramount.

In the evening, Christia Freeland added a Twitter notice to a previously posted tweet, indicating that the media was also involved. Manipulated content.

Message from the retiring Deputy Prime Minister: Canada’s public and universal health care system is one of our greatest strengths. Last year, in the midst of an epidemic, Erin O Tool was asked if he would consider privatizing the health care system. He answered yes without hesitation!

Twitter assumes that the content has been tampered with if the medium or its context is changed Significantly Where For cheating.

The Conservative Party also took advantage of this opportunity, with the Conservative platform offering a 6% increase in health transfers per year, while the Liberals offered only a 3% increase.

Attacks on Blaine Higgs

While in New Brunswick, Mr. Trudeau did not hesitate to recall Conflicts with Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Blaine Higgs, With Ontario Conservative Premier Doug Ford earlier this week when he could not do so.

I continue to disagree with Mr. Higgs on the importance of better funding for abortion clinics.

A quote from:Retired Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I agree with him on the importance of doing all we can to protect Canadians across the country and move forward with immunity., He continued.

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Just like the law on state secularism in Quebec, Ottawa also questioned Justin Trudeau about the Black Cubacois request on its election platform seeking to stay away from funding for future legal challenges.

Protecting the rights of minorities is one of the roles of government, Replied Mr. Trudeau.

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