May 24, 2022

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Netflix: 3 good pictures that will not leave you indifferent this weekend

Netflix: 3 good pictures that will not leave you indifferent this weekend

Cult movies, good entertainment or beloved turnips despite their obvious flaws, the List From Netflix There is no diversity and that is why the CNET France editorial staff takes its goal wholeheartedly each week: to help you choose the best ones on the streaming platform (SVoD).

This weekend, three Movies Recommended. Let’s go to the victory of the undefeated city in Slums, Say yes to everything with method Yes And face the smart sharks inside Scared. Three rooms, so three atmosphere.

What movies should I watch or watch again on Netflix this weekend?

Good Mythical Peplum: Troy

Summary of the movie

In ancient Greece, Queen Helena of Sparta fled with Prince Troy of Paris. Her husband, Menelaus, asks her brother, the powerful king of Mycenae, to help her get back. Next they see an opportunity to conquer the invincible city and summon all the kings of Greece and the most powerful warriors to achieve it. Achilles, who is proud of these fighters, also decides the outcome of this battle.

CNET France Opinion

Although including film is not really considered a big deal Brad Pitt himself, Slums Still impressive on many levels. The scale of this epic fresco, inspired by a major event in Greek mythology, is already recognizable. Two thousand extra needed to give material to both armies and rebuild the Horic Wars Lord of the Rings.

In addition to the oily choreography of the fights, Achilles also impresses with his strength and agility every time he picks up a sword. In his introductory duel, his confrontation with the beach catch or Hector‌, the Wolfgang Peterson camera never loses a small piece of its action and the rendering is fluid.

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The cast is invested and each serves the heights of his character. If we can deny the freedom that Homer took from the original text, the feature film is still worth watching. Especially since it is unfortunately representative of a genre that is much less exploited by studios. In short, Slums It’s a matter of conscience, sometimes a little scholarly, but it fills our eyes. There is no reason to stay away from his happiness.

  • Here is the epic trailer for the movie:

The movie that makes you laugh: Yes man

Summary of the movie

Depressed and depressed, Carl has no interest in life. To climb the slope, he decided to follow a personal development program based on a simple idea: say yes to everything. A magic word that disturbs his daily life and even his whole existence.

CNET France Opinion

Yes An example of a movie that looks good. A feature film that makes you laugh, makes people laugh and raises your spirits. It’s a solar film, a romantic comedy whose strings we see quickly, but willingly participating in the game.

The main argument of the feature film is clearly called Jim Carrey. The actor gives joy to the heart in all situations and it is a pleasure to watch his acting. It is happy, utterly silly and the annoyance of man always has their effect.

On his side, Joey Deschanel gives him an amazing response, touching his witty universe and his madness. We fall under its spell of freshness, because it brings freshness Yes. And if the feature film is subtly entangled in its innocent optimism, it can be easily forgiven. It is a simple film, but still positive, to watch without hesitation.

  • See a summary from the feature film:
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Became a nonar cult: Blue Fear

Summary of the movie

Scientists at an underwater research center are trying to prevent human brain diseases by experimenting with sharks. But these unnatural tests have consequences that endanger their lives: shark intelligence becomes much higher than normal.

CNET France Opinion

Scared This is a great example of a film that combines all the ingredients for another turnip with killer sharks. Unless that feature film was able to earn its stripes over time. The action-packed storyline, punctuated and clumsyly performed by director Rennie Harlin, entertained the audience’s expectations.

As part of the celebration, we can only appreciate the most daring reversals in the film (yes, sure), the way in the kitchen or the regularity with which the sharks show a certain sadism to mentally torture their future meal.

We’ll see Scared With pleasure the film reproduces all signs of the genre and diverts many to provide unique horror entertainment. The only big trouble: the special effects at that time were already quite average. Since then, they have apparently aged much worse. It prevents it Scared The missing link between the first degree of Sea teeth And the expected stupidity of a Sharknado. So that kind of movie is a must see for lovers.

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