September 27, 2023

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Twitter adds alert to Christia Freeland tweet | Elections Canada 2021

Twitter adds alert to Christia Freeland tweet |  Elections Canada 2021

A video posted by Ms Freeland, who holds the titles of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister in the government of Justin Trudeau, by Erin O’Toole in July 2020 in response to a question about the privatization of the health care system in the Conservative Party leadership race.

Divided into French and English, however, the 35-second sequence was modified to reduce Mr. O’Toole’s response. The head was in favor of private partnership to improve the health system, but he stressed the need to safeguard universal access.

However, this latter part is not in the extract shared by Mrs. Freeland.

Justin Trudeau shared the video on Twitter on Sunday, Opened up to attacks on the conservative leader About his focus on the Canadian health care system.

Twitter added notice to the tweet that it was evening Manipulated media. Tweets tagged in this way have limited visibility and are not recommended by the algorithm, Twitter Canada said via email.

Conservatives quickly refuted this strategy. On Monday, Erin O’Toole accused the Liberals of spreading false information To import the American style of politics In rural areas. It was very frustrating, […] Mr. Trudeau divides and misrepresents Canadians every day, Said the chef.

Let me be clear: I am 100% supportive of our public and universal system. This is the strength of our country. […] That is why our plan is proposing an additional $ 60 billion in support of it.

A quote from:Erin O’Toole, Conservative Party leader

The Conservative leader avoided answering questions about the health sectors he was leaving to the private sector.

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Conservative advocates have called on Federal Elections Commissioner Yves Cote to begin an investigation, arguing that the video violates Article 481 (1). (New window) Canadian Election Act on misleading publications.

The LPC disagrees with the Twitter decision

The Liberals defended themselves, the whole reaction of Mr. O Tool – this can be seen in the 12th minute of this video (New window) – Also posted on Ms Freeland’s Twitter account.

The Liberal Party said in a statement that the comments made by Erin Otul in favor of a non-profit health care system would speak for themselves. The Twitter post contained both a full response and a summary of Mr. O’Toole’s comments. This summary accurately reflects Mr. O’Toole’s complete answer.

We do not agree with the Twitter decision and asked for an explanation. We allow Canadians to confirm for themselves what Mr. O’Toole said, We added the liberal side.

At a news conference Monday morning, Justin Trudeau declined to comment on the Twitter decision. Instead, he preferred to reiterate his attack on the Conservative leader.

Most important of all, Mr. O’Toole made it clear that he supported a two-tier health system. The whole video has been released and I encourage all Canadians to see what Mr. O’Toole thinks about our health care system.

Like the Conservatives, the New Democratic Party also accused the Liberal Party of sharing Fake news.

This is the complete opposite of what a person should do. On social media, we see a lot of malicious messages being shared to radically change people. Therefore, it is important to have strong mechanisms and bills to prohibit this type of misinformation., Chief Jagmeet Singh said.

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It is confusing for the ruling party to do what we have to end, He added.

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