July 5, 2022

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Stardow Valley is now a sports game

Stardow Valley is now a sports game

Eric Baron, creator Stardow Valley, Unveiled the Stardow Valley Cup via his Twitter account. With the cold weather it became a popular agricultural simulation sport.

In the Stardow Valley Cup, four teams compete against each other with the names of world-famous characters and characters. For fun, it appears in French: Sandy Sweets, Pierre Cherries, Palm’s Sweet Potatoes and Crocus’s Crocus. The teams meet on September 4 and must complete a series of tasks hoping to get their hands on a prize pool of more than $ 40,000.

The competition is organized in collaboration with Z, which is notorious for its content around the game. He explains the rules of competition to us Video On his channel. We learned that a participant would have a hundred challenges to complete and that each challenge completed by a team would earn him many points that would be difficult. The goal of our four teams is to collect as many points as possible in the allotted time for the tournament.

The challenges of this Stardow Valley Cup will extend from the restoration of the community center to the 100th level of Skull Cave. Each team was given two weeks to provide a list of challenges, allowing them to prepare their strategies accordingly. To further enhance the event, the insurmountable Z also announced that five additional, undisclosed challenges will be added to the competition. With a stake of over $ 40,000, there is no doubt that participants have already worked on contingency plans to overcome these unexpected missions.

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Finally, when you measure the tremendous popularity of the game, it is not surprising that such a competition appears.

Stardue Valley, ported to consoles and mobiles, will land on the Xbox Game Pass this year, but the board game was released earlier this year.

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