May 23, 2022

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Strike at Wally-Junction | Nearly 500 jobs could be cut at the Olympus plant

Strike at Wally-Junction |  Nearly 500 jobs could be cut at the Olympus plant

Nearly four months after the controversy began at the slaughterhouse at Wally-Junction in Beauvoir, Olimel considered canceling his evening shift, resulting in the loss of 500 seats if no deal is reached by Sunday.

Nathelle Morissette

Nathelle Morissette

The decision to adopt pig farmers as “another brick on the head”. At the time of writing, the union – affiliated with the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN) – represents 1,050 workers.

“As a responsible company, we have to make decisions regarding problematic supply situations and the customers we serve,” he explained in a phone call on the 1st.Is Paul Beauchamp, Olimel’s vice president, shortly after the company announced its intentions in a press release on Tuesday. We are really reluctant to come out today to announce this decision. “

Photo by Alexis K. Laflamme, Archives the Press

Paul Beauchamp, Olimel Senior Vice President

Typically, the evening shift kills a total of 36,000 people between 15,000 and 17,000 hogs each week. If the company goes ahead, the plant will reduce its slaughter capacity.

“We are pleased with this news,” said David Duval, president of the Ellivers de Porks du Quebec, for his role in the official statement. All the links in the product are interdependent, and this conflict will eventually derail the already weakened pig sector from the epidemic. “

According to the latest figures obtained by his organization on Friday, only 166,000 animals are currently awaiting slaughter due to the ongoing conflict since April 28th. This is a record, we certify from pig breeders. According to Union des Producers Agricols, Olimel represents 80% of the slaughter capacity in Quebec.

Last week, unionized workers at the Beas Plant voted 57% against an agreement reached between the union and the employer.

To resolve the stalemate, Labor Minister Jean Boulette has appointed a special mediator. However, according to Mr Beauchamp, no meeting is scheduled for the next few days. “My understanding of the situation as we speak is that compromise has ceased in the face of the union’s uncompromising position.”

The main elements of the dispute were wages, hours and the duration of the collective agreement.

Plant survival

In addition, the company may also come to ask questions about the future of its plant in the Chowderre-Appalachians area, Mr Beauchamp admitted. “This is a question we can assess over time,” he admitted. Stated that workers would have to decide on the stability of 2 during a conflictE Change. The question rests for the first shift depending on the length of the strike. “

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