March 24, 2023

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The Canadian Armed Forces moved 506 Afghans in a single plane

The Canadian Armed Forces moved 506 Afghans in a single plane

More than 506 Afghans were evacuated on a single plane operated by the Canadian Armed Forces on Monday, while Justin Trudeau assured that evacuation efforts would continue as long as the situation permits.

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“Our armed forces are working hard at the Kabul airport to evacuate harmful Canadians and Afghans. Canadian flights will continue as long as conditions permit,” Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said on Twitter.

The aircraft used by the Royal Canadian Air Force for evacuation operations were the CC-177 Globemaster IIIs, heavy aircraft equipped with “three helicopters” or “102. paratroopers” with a length of 53 meters.

A defense spokesman explained that “two C-177 Globemasters will fly to Kabul regularly to carry out these delicate operations.”

As of Tuesday, 5 Canadian military planes had departed from Kabul, evacuating “approximately” 1,355 people safely. These are in addition to the non-military aircraft that took place before the Taliban took control of the airport.

Meeting in the wake of the crisis

Despite the Taliban tightening around Kabul airport, Prime Minister Trudeau met with his G7 allies on Tuesday to formulate a strategy to evacuate as many Afghans as possible.

This allowed the Americans and allied forces to continue the evacuation operations until August 31st.

“Canada has insisted that it be possible to save as many people as possible after August 31,” Trudeau told a news conference after leaving the conference.

More than 2,000 people, including many Afghans, have been welcomed into the country in recent weeks due to military and non-military aircraft. The government has set a target of repatriating at least 20,000 of them.

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Mr Trudeau told the gathering that “Canadians are already very happy to be able to welcome Afghan families into the community and that the people here are ready to do much to save their families in difficult circumstances.”

According to US President Joe Biden, the US mission in Kabul will end on August 31, if all goes well. He said on Tuesday that the airlift set up by Allied forces had evacuated more than 70,000 people.