May 18, 2022

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The CEO of Modernna is concerned about the variants

The CEO of Modernna is concerned about the variants

As many countries cross the fourth wave of COVID-19, Modernna Chief Executive Officer warns that the fight against coronavirus is far from over.

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The latter predicts that the epidemic will continue until at least the end of 2022.

“Kovid is not extinct. It’s a virus we have to live with,” Stephen Bonsel announced in an interview with Shoki. For your business, On LCN transmission waves.

Subsequent estimates suggest that booster shots will be needed regularly. In the short term, the CEO of Moderna expects that by this winter, those at risk will need a third dose.

“It’s like the flu, we’ll go with it, and very few people will be hospitalized,” predicted Stephen Bonsel.

Fear of variations

If the modern vaccine takes 60 days to manufacture, the pharmaceutical company will continue to work in its laboratories. Its researchers are currently working on the development of five “boosters” aimed at adapting the vaccine to the emergence of variants.

The Modern team is trying to predict how the virus will mutate to make the vaccine effective in the long run.

“We expect Delta to grow further. Today I am very scared because Delta has expanded so much around the world, so it has a lot of potential to change,” Stefan Bonsel declared.

Moderna in Canada

Moderna also announced plans to set up a research center and factory in Canada.

This infrastructure allows the production of vaccines as a priority for Canadians, guaranteed by Stefan Bansell.

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The latter adds that the country will also be well prepared if another pandemic strikes in the future.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.