May 19, 2022

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Day 38 of L1: ASAM is in 4th place

Day 38 of L1: ASAM is in 4th place

It is the end of the 2021-2022 season championship, which is fascinating from a certain angle but long and intermittent. Because of the late match between JSMS and JSK without great importance, all games were made. After learning about the title winner the day before with their 8 winning CRBE Sacred. Today we know 4E The team that will play in League 2 next season and this is ASAM. Defeated by JSS, Ion Millia joined USMBA, CABBA and JSMS. The other two clubs playing for survival were Watt and ASO, which won matches against ESS and MCO, respectively.


CRB won 4-2 against USB, seeking to end the season with a win at home after winning the previous day’s title against USMA in Bologna. At the end of the meeting, the players celebrated in the style of Le Chabab, in which Maestro Sayud did not miss the opportunity to improve his goals counter and became the top scorer in the championship by scoring a double.

But: Sayud 14 ‘and 24’, Boucelio 64 ‘and Mersougui 83’ for CRB. Boukaram 59 ‘, Atmani sp and 90’ + 4 sp)


CABBA have not won a single match since June and the last draw in early July ended in a draw with OM before falling into L2. In a match with no stake, the two structures are left with an equal score of 2 to 2, which does not change the fate of the two structures.

But: Boudoumi 4 ‘, Mokrani 45’ pour l’OM.


Although it has no stake, the Algerian derby between the MCA and the NAHD is rich with goals from less than 8 wins shared by both teams. In a rebounding match, NAHD starts premature scoring before seeing the MCA score in less than 20 minutes, then song at or come back and take the lead, so eventually the MCA will equalize. An open match with spectacles, great goals and a satisfying result for both clubs.

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But: Bouzkri 3 ‘, Esso 6’ and 21 ‘sp and 71’ for MCA. Bowsalem 1 ‘, Yaya 40’ and 45 ‘, Betrauni 70’ for NAHD.


Despite the difficult season and insane schedule, JSK continues to achieve good results despite the exit of players. With 1 more game delayed, Yellow and Green, without a coach, won by a narrow margin against PAC. The success that shows the nature of this team that has established itself as one of the structures that practice the best football in the championship.

But: Howri 36 ‘.


The USMA, who faced an absent opponent, found no difficulty in winning at Skikda. Suffered a heavy defeat to CRB in ’37E Today, the USMA revolted against JSMS on this last day and ended on a good note. This victory will also allow the Usmists to finish at 4 p.m.E Position in standings, its function for JSMS was closed several weeks ago.

But: Belkasemi 31 ‘and 81’, Othmani 35 ‘

Watt 1-0 ESS

Playing for survival and having to win, WAT did its job, but also relied on results. Fortunately for Tlemcen, ASAM saluted the JSS, which was to be congratulated for respecting sports ethics. Fearing a L2 crash, Wat will be part of the Elite next season.

But: Towel 66 ‘.


Bell Abbes is already in L2 after being drawn against JSK. The defeat against CSC did not change anything, but the Constantines ended the season on a good note.

But: Bensali 90 ‘.

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The ASO team that wanted to win its derby against Religion did not tremble and won most of the conference by winning at home with a score of 2 to 1. Threatened by deportation. Hoping to lose one of the other two teams. It is in the end that ASAM loses their match, which ASO is thankful for this victory.

But: Bouguettaya 40 ‘sp, Bengrina 70’ for ASO. Mazari 80 ‘for RCR.


Although Magra confirms his performance at least 3 days before the end of the workout, the latter ends beautifully by continuing with 5E Rank success. Magra, who faced the MCO who were in the lead over the holidays, won outside with a score of 2 to 1 and finished with a respectable position. The first leg ends with MCO 5 playing for the titleE 38 Put at the endE During the day.

But: Demane 17 ‘for NCM, Belhamri 76’. Reguig 90 ‘for MCO.


Standing in the top 5 and being one of the best teams in the first leg, ASAM really sank into the return phase to return to the L2 today after the defeat to JS. This last meeting of the season was a fantastic turn for Ian Malila who didn’t even make the last stop effort to defend himself. Giving the stick to hit, ASAM lost to JSS with a clear score and joined USMBA, CABBA and JSMS Ligue 2.

But: Saad 8 ‘, 38’ and 45 ‘, Jumia 65’ for JSS. Caliph 44 ‘csc for ASAM.

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